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Western States Mortgage and Loan, Inc.

Mortgage company uses Scansnap to
streamline business processes


  • Financial Services

Offering Groups:

  • Scanners

Solution Areas:

  • Imaging Solutions


  • United States


  • Process and archive tens of thousands of documents/year
  • Sensitive information requires secure storage & archiving
  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Reduce costs


  • Instant access to critical documents anywhere, anytime via e-mail, laptop, or network
  • Less time spent searching for physical documentation
  • Employees dedicate 40 more hours per month to customer service

Acting as the hub that brings together banks, buyers and title companies, mortgage and loan operations are uniquely positioned to accumulate massive quantities of critical documents. All of these documents have to be organized and readily accessible for borrowers, lenders, government regulators, insurance firms and countless other interested parties. Western States Mortgage and Loan, Inc. is certainly no exception. Since its inception, Western States Mortgage and Loan has been processing and archiving tens of thousands of documents on a yearly basis.

Mortgage and loan applications require highly personal information including employment and salary history, social security numbers, bank account numbers and locations, investment account numbers, pay stubs, and federal tax returns. As a result, each individual application must be appropriately processed and archived in a secure location. As government regulations continue to require businesses to comply with ever increasing privacy standards, Western States Mortgage and Loan recognized that it needed to shift its physically demanding manual filing processes to a digitally archived system in order to better protect borrower’s confidentiality, while at the same time improving operational efficiencies and cost savings.

The Choice Is ScanSnap
When selecting its scanning solution, Western States Mortgage and Loan had very specific requirements because many of its files contain odd-sized paper such as pay stubs, receipts, legal and double-sided documents, as well as countless other mortgage and loan applications. Additionally, files contain signatures, hand drawn sketches, and photographs and diagrams, so clear duplication was a key consideration. The ScanSnap scanner’s dynamic high-resolution, color scanning capabilities made the scanning solution a natural fit.

Furthermore, to compensate for the hundreds of documents scanned each day, Western States Mortgage and Loan needed a scanning solution with a high daily duty cycle and fast scanning speeds. The ScanSnap scanner’s duty cycle of 250 sheets per day and approximately 65,000 sheets per year, combined with its 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF), fit the bill and provided the functionality flatbed scanning and multi function peripheral (MFP) solutions could not.

ROI From Day-One
Even before the first document was scanned, Western States Mortgage and Loan liked what they saw in the ScanSnap scanning solution.

“Installation of the ScanSnap was easier then any computing device I have ever installed,” said President, Kirk Lewis. “Overall, installation time took only about fifteen minutes.”

Before its ScanSnap implementation, Western States Mortgage and Loan spent significantly more time processing, filing and, most notably, retrieving documents. To sustain business when interest rates drop, professionals in the mortgage industry frequently call on past clients in hopes to refinance their loan at a better rate. At Western States Mortgage and Loan that required employees to search through files for the required documents. Now, with the ScanSnap scanning solution, they are able to electronically retrieve the very same documents in a fraction of the time while avoiding unnecessary clutter. Additionally, the company is able to save money by moving its paper-based archives off-site to a less expensive storage location.

The ScanSnap scanning solution has allowed Western States Mortgage and Loan to not only free space for expansion and new employees, but has also allowed all of its employees to create a digital workspace having instant access to critical documents anywhere, anytime via e-mail, laptop, or network. Now, with less time spent searching for physical documentation, the average time spent servicing each customer is significantly reduced making for happier and satisfied customers and overall better organizational performance. On average, each Western States Mortgage and Loan employee is able to dedicate 40 more hours per month to customer service.

“This machine is small, attractive and very useful,” Lewis said of ScanSnap scanning solution. “I find myself creating documents to scan which I was unable do to prior to obtaining the scanner. I would recommend this solution to any business that needs to store information electronically.”

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