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National Central Library of Rome

Preserving Italian cultural heritage through


  • Education
  • Government

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  • Scanners

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  • Imaging Solutions


  • Italy


  • Preserve Italy’s publishing heritage for future generations
  • Make historic documents available for wider public


  • Easy and economical solution to scan historic documents
  • Broader access to documents through digitization
  • No risk of damage to literary works due to contact-less scanning
Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma


The Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma (National Central Library of Rome), is one of Italy’s two national libraries. Its mission is to collect and preserve important Italian publications and a range of foreign works related to Italy, and to make all this material available to the public. The collection currently includes more than 7,000,000 printed volumes, 2,000 incunabula (15th century books), 25,000 16th century books, 8,000 manuscripts, 10,000 drawings, 20,000 maps, and 1,342,154 brochures.

Share information

Mankind has used books, handwritten documents, prints and pictures to share information, preserve culture and promote an understanding of history for thousands of years. These documents are all on paper and other sensitive materials that are subject to natural deterioration that can result in their damage and loss. The National Library has thousands of unique papers that must be protected against possible environmental destruction. This requires an economical solution to digitize historic documents. The goal is not only to preserve Italian cultural heritage but also to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Ancients books can be safely scanned with ScanSnap SV600

Digitizing history

The ScanSnap SV600 is now used to scan historic documents, transmit them to a central database and to make them available to a wider public. The overhead scanner digitizes in excellent quality and its contact-less technology even allows for the capturing of bound and stapled material like books, notepads and sensitive material up to A3 format. The process is very intuitive and no training is required because it scans at the touch of a button or automatically whenever a page is turned.

ScanSnap SV600

Digitizing documents with ease and efficiency

Fujitsu’s one touch overhead scanner captures any type of flat sheet or bound document up to A3 in size. The ScanSnap SV600 automatically corrects curved page distortion in bound documents up to 30mm deep. Contact-less scanning helps protect and share delicate documents. “The collaboration with Fujitsu has been superb and we are very satisfied with the scanner,” states Dr. Osvaldo Avallone, Director of the National Central Library of Rome.

The National Central Library of Rome is now able to protect the publishing heritage of Italy for future generations. The SV600 is the perfect scanner for digitizing large amounts of historic and often delicate documents easily, without risking damage. Digitization also facilitates sharing these historic treasures. Ancient books must be handled by experts and can’t be sent around Italy or the world. This is a great contribution to make culture more accessible for everyone.

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