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Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 in Schools


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"It's the easiest scanner I've ever used"
(Dan Copeman, Computing Teacher, George Spencer Academy)
"The Fujitsu ScanSnap is amazing"
(Tina Wright, ICT Teacher, Slated Row School)


Naace, the Education Technology Association, with the support of Fujitsu, have explored with a range of primary, secondary and special schools, the importance of being able to digitise materials. This was particularly focused on the educational need to capture evidence of pupils' progress, but also explored other needs to digitise in the school. The outcomes of this project are reported in a white paper and in short videos in which the teachers explain the educational imperatives to digitise materials, which are available on the Naace website. All the teachers interviewed felt that the ability for teachers to digitise pupils' work is very important, for a number of reasons.

The need to digitise materials in schools is rapidly growing. The need stems from a variety of sources, including collecting evidence to show inspectors and parents the progress the children are making, to enable the children to build portfolios of their work, for teachers to create learning resources that can be used online, and to submit pupils' work to examination boards. Across the majority of examinations there is some element of work on paper that needs to be recorded, that needs to be submitted to online repositories.

Many schools are now well on the way to making all their communications digital. They use online platforms to make learning resources accessible to pupils, much engagement with parents is online and teachers use online spaces for their professional development. But much work and planning in schools still needs to be on paper, requiring systems to bridge the gap between paper and digital.

The much greater visibility of pupils' work once it has been scanned and put online has many big positive impacts on learning. It enables pupils' work to be shared and discussed with the whole class. Teachers can more easily compare work to ensure the same high standards across the school. Pupils love seeing work they have done online and can more easily look back to see the progress they have made over months and years, which strongly reinforces the ways schools are helping children develop a growth mindset.

The Fujitsu SV600 has a number of features that make it particularly suited to use by teachers:

  • It is 'plug and play', making it very easy to move from classroom to classroom and to set up.
  • It is exceptionally easy to use, making it possible for teachers to get students to digitise their own work, taking the load off the teacher. The speed of scanning makes it possible to scan the work of a whole class in only a few minutes at the end of a lesson.
  • The software adjusts for the curvature of pages when digitising work in pupils' books, creating very clear images.
  • Indeed the depth of field of the scanner even enables 3D work done by pupils, such as models, to be scanned. This makes it much easier to share this kind of pupils' work with parents.
  • The software can produce working files from paper copies. This enables paper learning resources to be adapted by teachers for their class. It allows teacher professional development materials to be tailored to the needs of the school. It even allows pupils results on paper to be scanned into a spreadsheet, an immensely useful facility in creating central records of pupils' marks.
  • The scanner is very tolerant of where things to be scanned are placed, even enabling sets of notes to be all placed on the scanner together but be scanned independently. It detects where the items to be scanned have been placed and automatically rotates them if necessary.

It is inevitable that schools will make more and more use of things stored online. This is not only for efficiency and time-saving, there are powerful educational reasons for getting pupils work and other information online, as discussed in detail in the white paper "The importance of capturing evidence of pupils' progress".

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Thanks are due to:

  • Beechwood Park School
  • Castledyke Primary School
  • George Spencer Academy
  • Lipson Cooperative Academy
  • Saint Margaret's Preparatory School
  • Slated Row School
  • Tranmere Park Primary School


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