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Dr. Marc Andre Kaulfuss

A clear verdict in favour of Fujitsu ScanSnap


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  • Single solution instead of different media and software solutions
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  • Better organization leads to a more thorough defense and therefore a better chance for a successful verdict
Dr. Marc Andre Kaulfuss

The work of defense attorneys like Marc Kaulfuss is often quite paper intensive. It is not unusual for files in complicated criminal proceedings to comprise tens of thousands of pages. That is why district attorneys and courts are increasingly turning to electronic media in place of mailing cartons of documents by post. However, this approach may still result in some information being available partly on paper and partly in digital form. What is even worse is that combing through piles of paper documents and transferring the salient information to Word or Excel is extremely time-consuming.

Kaulfuss is a true believer. Since he opted for electronic files in his law office in Essen, Germany, he has been holding presentations on a regular basis to share his extensive legal and technical knowledge in electronic documents with his colleagues. He recommends ScanSnap scanners by Fujitsu subsidiary PFU. Based on his experience, Kaulfuss – a Mac user – recommends this solution for quickly and easily digitising paper files.

His daily routine looked quite a bit different before he adopted electronic document management. Countless post-its clung to pending files. Kaulfuss kept a running record of important points and their corresponding page number in Word or Excel files. He also employed mind maps to bring structure to his files. He found this approach incredibly time consuming and hard to manage, particularly as information related to casework often mixed a mountain of paper with digital content.

One single medium

Kaulfuss and his team have made digitisation of incoming paper content a fine art. Clerical staff scan incoming files at a central location. Kaulfuss then sorts the electronic documents according to volume and complexity, either into a simple file structure or into DEVONthink Pro Office, a document management program.

Kaulfuss’ office has even been digitising all the incoming post and as much of their case dossiers since the beginning of the year. The files are secured on several hard drives via a backup system. In court, Kaulfuss uses a mobile hard drive with dual password encryption, which also secures the corresponding data containers.

“It’s been my experience that, once you’ve got your scanning process down, it doesn’t take any longer than copying.”

The ability to transfer scanned documents easily to Kaulfuss’ computer system was a key consideration in the search for a suitable scanning solution. The devices had to be powerful yet simple enough to operate so that less technically-minded colleagues could operate them. The digital solution also had to dovetail with DEVONthink Pro Office document management software, which Kaulfuss uses to manage his complex case files. He ultimately opted for Fujitsu subsidiary PFU’s scan solutions due to its simple operating concept: the ability to digitise content at the touch of a button.

Character recognition program included

Being able to convert scan images into searchable text via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software was a major factor in the search for the right program and file format.

The ScanSnap solution comes equipped with Abbyy FineReader software for Mac and PC. This allows users to not only generate searchable PDFs but also to send scanned files directly to Word or Excel. In tax or white-collar crime cases, it is possible to transfer a table from a scan to an editable Excel document for interrogation with the click of a mouse, saving man hours of manual data input.

Mobile scanning solution

To ingest documents outside of the office, Kaulfuss uses the new Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500, which can quickly and easily capture several hundred pages. Its built-in GI processor expedites scanning while producing top quality images. Among its many functions is intelligent indexing that automatically generates PDF key words, making for faster searches. It also supports integrating smartphones or tablets into the scanning process via WLAN, eliminating the need to route through a Mac or PC.

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