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Architectural Association School of Architecture

“The SV600 is just so much quicker at scanning multiple pages and with its one-button operation, it couldn’t be easier for students to use”

Eleanor Gawne, Librarian at the Architectural Association School of Architecture


  • Education

Offering Groups:

  • Scanners

Solution Areas:

  • Imaging Solutions


  • United Kingdom

The solution:

  • The School of Architecture installed the high-speed overhead scanner Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 that captures all manner of material from traditional paper documents to bound books and journals.


  • High student demand for quality imaging replication due to industry
  • Current equipment not providing the quality or ease of use required
  • All-round inadequate solutions causing queues and taking up valuable space


  • High-quality images and ease of use
  • Small footprint
  • Dramatic reduction in wait times
  • Overall improved efficiency of process

Products and services:

  • Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600
SV600 Scanning Display

The customer

The Architectural Association School of Architecture (also known as the AA) is a world renowned educational facility for aspiring architects based in London. The school has over 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students and is 100 percent self-governed and financed. It is the oldest independent educational facility of its kind in the UK and competition for entry among applicants is fierce. The school is focused on producing the best young architects in the country and is keen to provide its students with the latest technological enhancements to help them achieve professional success.

The challenge

As a natural consequence of their chosen subject, the students of AA have a high requirement to scan heavily image-based journals which can be thick and bulky. Although adequate scanning facilities were already in place, student feedback on the two older style scanners currently installed in the library was that they were very slow and the quality of the image was variable. Students also found that too many steps were needed to get to the final scanned image, and that once an electronic image had been produced, the bundled software was difficult and awkward to use. The scanners also took up a lot of desk space due to their large footprints. There was a demand for further scanning facilities as the existing scanners were heavily used.

The solution

The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 is a high-speed and versatile overhead scanner which can capture all manner of material from traditional paper documents to bound books and journals (up to A3 size), copyright permitting. It is especially useful for delicate material as, due to its overhead design, no part of the scanner physically touches the document at any time.

Scans delicate and fragile documents

After seeing a demonstration of a Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 at a conference, AA staff hoped it was just the solution they had been looking for and immediately organised a 2 week trial. The results spoke for themselves: “The SV600 is just so much quicker at scanning multiple pages and with its one-button operation, it couldn’t be easier for students to use” says Eleanor Gawne, Librarian at the AA.

“Its small footprint saves so much room on the desk and its page-turn detection is fabulous when scanning full journals.”

“Scanning delicate or fragile documents was not permitted with the flat-bed scanners due to potential damage, and students mostly opted to take photos on their mobile devices instead, which is obviously not ideal for accurate image replication. With the SV600 this is no longer an issue.”

SV600 Scanning

Klaus Schulz, Senior Manager Product Marketing EMEA at PFU (EMEA) Ltd., says “Building on our proven scanning and image processing heritage via our ScanSnap concept, the SV600 brings a unique take on capture to market and is designed to make scanning fast, easy and intuitive.”

SV600 Scanning Button

Good looks, high quality and lots of admiration

After the two week trial of the ScanSnap SV600 was over, students seemed to lament its loss and constantly enquired as to where it had gone. As a result of the trial and the overwhelmingly positive student reaction, the library has since permanently installed an SV600.

The overall impact on the student experience of this one simple change made by the library is improved workflow efficiency, a cut down on wait times to scan, and greatly increased accuracy and quality of captured images. Not to mention its good looks; library staff report that not only is the SV600 highly effective at its job but that students often stop to admire its excellent design, making it a truly complete package.

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