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""Together, we’re helping SMEs to optimise their invoicing management needs via a fast and secure cloud infrastructure, so they can focus on growing their businesses.”"

Mike Nelson Senior Vice President, PFU (EMEA) Limited - A Fujitsu company

Tap and scan invoice management that makes SMEs more productive - CrossState ScanClientNX

To stay competitive, SMEs need the same level of automation, efficiency and security as enterprises.

With OptoSweden’s intuitive new solution, CrossState ScanClientNX, they can do so at an affordable price. We partnered with OptoSweden, to provide SME customers with the ability to adapt their scanning architecture quickly, securely and effectively with the CrossState ScanClientNX. It’s powered by NX Manager software and the fi -7300NX scanner. Here’s how.

The problem

Typically, invoice scanning solutions are unnecessarily complicated. Between time-consuming and costly manual work, and a lack of compatible new media or technology, what most small businesses have to put up with isn’t always the best option for their business. The result is an inefficient and hard to manage process that doesn’t work for businesses or their customers. Employees end up spending time doing repetitive, manual data entry when they could be doing more valuable work. The questions often become; how do we make work frictionless? And perhaps most importantly, how do we get access to the right solutions at the right cost? How do we keep the solution up-to-date as we evolve?

The solution

OptoSweden has developed a practical solution to this problem by automating, digitising and streamlining document flows. It’s a cloud-based electronic invoice management solution called CrossState ScanClientNX, which enables users to scan physical invoices in order to extract and process relevant data. This end-to-end solution allows users to perform high quality invoice scanning directly to the system’s CrossState Cloud element, extracts, interprets and verifies all relevant information for invoice processing and integrates with their financial system or ERP of choice.
They also operate using a thin-client. This means it doesn’t have to be paired with a PC, and employees don’t have to use one to access or scan documents. All they do is scan, and the rest is taken care of. It’s as simple as inputting the network/Wi-Fi connection details and the address of the server. 

Co-creating with technology

After over 20 years of working with our partner OptoSweden, a leading automatic document processing provider, we’ve been able to develop a sense for what makes our customers’ lives easier. The advent of the fi -7300NX and NX Manager software was critical in enabling OptoSweden to seamlessly integrate it with their technology, resulting in the co-creation of their efficiency-boosting CrossState ScanClientNX solution.


  • Easy operation- users see their custom functions on the scanner LCD touch screen
  • Server-based driver for remote scanner provisioning and updates, saving time and money
  • Wireless connectivity - operators can scan, access & process data via smart devices
  • High image quality - for greater data accuracy versus standard photocopiers
  • Reduce bottlenecks - no waiting for communal multifunction devices to finish print runs
  • Streamline processes - deliver scans directly to the endpoint (such as CrossState eVoyce) with no extra steps
  • Reliable document separation & white page removal for consistent results
  • Centralised real-time job management. Manage & monitor every connected scanner via web-based interface, ideal for multi-site or global businesses
  • CrossState ScanClientNX can also be integrated with many financial or business systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Jeeves amongst others

The outcome

In practice, these benefits make setting up new paper flows easier and quicker than ever before; anyone using the scanner can scan invoices and transfer them to wherever they need to go at a click of a button – whether it’s an email address, a PDF document or OptoSweden’s secure cloud platform. This addresses the needs of businesses to get more done and faster. With the efficiency boost from CrossState ScanClientNX, the impact on customer’s productivity is remarkable.

When handling invoices and customer data, accuracy is absolutely essential. The CrossState ScanClientNX has unmatched OCR accuracy to cut out bottlenecks and lost revenue that often comes from human errors from manual data entry.

OptoSweden have paid special attention to help business get up and running with the solution too. It’s an easier way to deploy and manage the system internally, which will have you up and running faster. Often this can cut the cost of a solution in half, and with Swedish companies spending an average of 50-500 SEK to process a single supplier’s invoice, the saving can quickly add up.


PFUE Case Study OptoSweden (2.51 MB )


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