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Welcome to the next generation of scanning - fi-7300NX with Lemmana content services

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The business world relies heavily on scanners to turn paperwork into digital formats that can be saved and shared. The problem is, until now, they still also rely on a very manual approach to ensure the right documents, and the valuable data they hold, are classified and managed correctly. That’s where our fi-7300NX model and Lemmana’s Machine Learning supported content services have changed the way businesses can work. Making it possible at the touch of a button, to scan, automatically extract, classify and use data to deliver a more agile way of working.

The next generation of scanning has arrived
The combination of this new scanner, its software and integration with Lemmana is unique. Never before has Machine Learning been used in the scanning process making this the first time unstructured content on paper documents, can be extracted so every piece of data is routed to the right place. Plus, because it has the ability to learn, this new generation scanner can recognise previous data, for example, patient or customer details, and then file similar information away in the same place, saving time and eradicating any human error.

The perfect partnership
Lemmana is one of the first content service companies to use Machine Learning, so it should come as no surprise they have the expertise and knowledge to ensure everything they design is easily integrated into the many content platforms found around the world. It also made it an easy choice when we needed a partner to co-create our next generation of scanners.

Packed full of benefits
The fi-7300NX is full of ways to help you work in more streamlined and efficient ways, whatever industry your business is in.

The benefits include:

Self-learning: Lemmana uses Machine Learning to take document samples, learn where they need to go, what they say and how they should be handled so you spend less time manually integrating data.

Efficiency and accuracy: You no longer need to develop and program rules as your business or processes change because Lemmana learns over time from what you scan.

Cost-effective: Typical scanning architectures are often convoluted, disjointed, and expensive to manage. Lemmana’s cutting-edge technology eliminates that cost with Machine Learning doing all the work. Our innovative pricing models can also help you save further.

Easily integrated: It doesn’t matter if your business uses Box, Office 365 (SharePoint) or CMIS compliant repositories, Lemmana puts your documents where they belong, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Simple to operate: An easy to use touch-screen and intuitive web and mobile interface that helps put your documents in the right places and your information into the right processes.

App-controlled: The Lemmana app allows you to ‘launch the scan’ via a web browser or the mobile app, meaning scans can be set up from your desk or mobile – not just from the fi-7300NX touch screen.

No PC required: The fi-7300NX operates using a thin-client, saving the costs of installing and maintaining PCs at the point of scanning and across the network.

Compact and secure: Its intuitive LCD touch-screen interface and NFC card reader mean the fi-7300NX delivers a secure, streamlined operator experience.
Don’t just take our word for it – Why not book a demonstration? It’s completely free of charge and it will allow you to see for yourself how our Fujitsu and Lemmana solution can simplify your specific business processes.


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