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UK Tax Strategy

The Fujitsu UK Tax Strategy applies to Fujitsu Services Holdings PLC and its subsidiaries, and all other subsidiary companies of Fujitsu Limited, whether directly or indirectly held, that have been incorporated in the UK (together referred to as Fujitsu UK). Fujitsu UK’s tax strategy is aligned with the Fujitsu EMEIA Tax Policy and Fujitsu EMEIA Tax Risk Management Policy.

Fujitsu EMEIA Tax Policy

Fujitsu EMEIA believes that effective tax governance represents an opportunity to integrate tax into strategic planning in order to build corporate value for the benefit of shareholders and other stakeholders.

The impact of tax on earnings and the director’s duty to maximize shareholders value are recognised together with Fujitsu’s Global Business Standards (‘Fujitsu Way’). Fujitsu UK recognises that it is, first and foremost, a member of society, not just a member of an organisation. As a responsible member of society, Fujitsu UK conducts its tax affairs based on the principles of regulatory compliance, sound ethics and integrity, in order to preserve and enhance the company´s reputation.

Within the Fujitsu EMEIA Tax Policy, we set out the principles of tax strategy and tax planning and we define the Fujitsu EMEIA Tax team’s role in putting these objectives into practice in daily business routine. The main aim of the tax strategy is to reflect and to support business and commercial strategy by complying with the tax laws, ensuring a sustainable tax rate and mitigating tax risks in a timely and cost efficient manner.

This Policy is designed to enable compliance in accordance with Paragraph 16(2), Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016.


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