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Our journey to sustainability

Fujitsu and Sustainability

sustainabilityvbFujitsu has committed to becoming an industry leader in sustainability.

The environment plays a pivotal role in Fujitsu both in the way we operate internally on a day-to-day basis and also with the market offerings that we deliver to our customers. Through initiatives such as Green Management and Green (and ethical) manufacturing and sourcing, we have aligned our business to “Green IT.”

While there are lots of activities that can reduce an organisation’s environmental impact, at Fujitsu we believe they must be undertaken as part of a co-ordinated and coherent programme to ensure a complete transformation to a lower carbon operation. Crucially, our approach is underpinned by the belief that any programme must consider not only how to address IT generated CO2 emissions, but also how green IT can be used as a key enabler in becoming a truly low carbon business.

“Fujitsu has promoted a systematic approach in implementing green ICT in its businesses by setting clear targets and action plans at different stages. As a group, Fujitsu offers a wide range of sustainability solutions, including low-power compact ICT hardware, sustainable datacenters and outsourcing services employing the latest technologies, green ICT solutions, and consulting. By leveraging its long history of sustainable practices, Fujitsu aims to reduce the environmental load of its customers and society as a whole.” - IDC, Reducing Greenhouse Gases whitepaper, 2009



How Fujitsu is playing a leading role in the move towards a low carbon society (5.89 MB )

The report, published by research firm Gartner and WWF, "Low-Carbon and Environmental Leadership in the ICT Industry by Gartner and WWF, 2010", provides comprehensive rankings for ICT vendors in five headline categories, based on extensive research. Fujitsu is ranked as number 1 in 2 of the 5 categories: 'Transformation of IT' and 'Internal Environmental Performance".

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Business: What Role can IT play? (159 KB)

Transitioning to a low carbon business in challenging times.