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Welcome to Fujitsu UK

For new Fujitsu employees

At Fujitsu we take pride in delivering excellent service and products to our customers. We recruit talented individuals who help us deliver our promises and achieve consistent near perfect execution. 

Before you join Fujitsu there is useful information to discover about our Company. Visit our pre-joining page to access information that is available to you right now, before you join.

When you join you will have full access to our Welcome on Board site which will provide you with more information to guide you through your first few weeks with Fujitsu and get you off to a flying start. On day 1, you will be invited to join an introductory call which will explain and guide you through the Welcome on Board site.

Pre-joining Day 1 First week onwards
Photo of a woman sitting on steps with a laptop Photo of two smartly dressed people Photo of two business people
Gain an initial understanding of our Company before you join, find useful information and undertake some essential activities.
Your first day in Fujitsu is an important one. Two videos are provided along with relevant information and essential activities.
During your first and subsequent weeks there is more useful information and essential activities that will help you fulfil your role in Fujitsu.



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