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Press Releases Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

  • EMEIA, London, December 16, 2019
    Fujitsu Appointed to ECAI High-Level Group for Europe’s First Public AI Consultation
    Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe has been selected to join the ECAI High-Level Group, as part of Fujitsu’s major emphasis on initiatives to understand the ethical implications posed by AI and create trusted AI technologies. As a principal source of Fujitsu’s AI innovation, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe is playing a leading role in evolving responsible AI initiatives – including working within AI4People, an organisation that is working to create an AI Ethical Framework and recommendations around the Governance of AI, and the EU AI Alliance, a specialised multi-stakeholder forum established to focus on all aspects of AI development and its impact on the economy and society. Membership of the ECAI High-Level Group positions Fujitsu firmly at the heart of the social debate about ethical AI, with this first public consultation process representing an important step in terms of engaging citizens in the crucial discussion about the future of AI and ensuring that their opinions are reflected in future policy-making.
  • EMEIA, London, July 04, 2019
    Fujitsu Applies Innovative AI Text Mining to Automate Medical Notes Coding
    At the annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering today in London, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe today announces a new AI technology that enhances Electronic Health Record (EHR) management, automating the processing of unstructured (free text) medical notes and achieving time savings of more than 90% with significantly improved accuracy. Ensuring compliance with mandatory medical classifications, Fujitsu’s new automatic medical coding solution extracts the annotations in typically less than 1 minute, compared to 15 minutes required for manual clinical note annotation. Unlike previous generation technologies, Fujitsu’s AI text mining technology combines semantic knowledge and Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Deep Learning in order to analyze medical notes and extract valuable data.
  • EMEIA, London, July 04, 2019
    Fujitsu’s New Technologies Reduce the Cost of AI Solution Creation for Visual Inspection Applications
    At the annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering today in London, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe announces two new technologies that significantly reduce the cost of AI solution creation for visual inspection applications. The novel solution uses a new type of defect detector that is trained on normal (non-defective) data, reducing dataset creation costs as well as enabling the detection of previously unseen patterns. This is combined with an AI-accelerated Graphical User Interface (GUI) that facilitates rapid cluster labelling based on automatically identified regions of interest, creating high quality training datasets. The combined result is highly accurate, automatic, unsupervised defect detection (discovering 80-90% of regions of interest automatically) with 50–100x faster dataset training and labelling.
  • EMEIA, London, July 01, 2019
    Fujitsu Showcases ‘Trusted’ AI Technologies at 2019 Fujitsu Innovation Gathering in London
    Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe will be hosting the seventh annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering on July 4th, showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies from Fujitsu Laboratories’ global R&D activities. Taking place alongside the London leg of the annual Fujitsu World Tour, the Fujitsu Innovation Gathering will highlight the challenges of digital transformation and its delivery, combining thought-provoking keynotes, insightful breakout sessions and a comprehensive exhibition with seven world-first technology demonstrations. These include Fujitsu’s innovative data filtering technologies applied to combat money laundering, a new 360-view accountable AI framework applied to improving trust in motor insurance services, Topological Data Analysis (TDA) shedding new light on arrhythmia, and Fujitsu’s state of the art Trusted ID exchange technology.
  • EMEIA, London, November 07, 2018
    Fujitsu Laboratories’ New AI Solver Platform Enables Next Generation of Real-Time AI Simulators
    Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe announces the development of a new AI-based technology and platform, designed to convert traditional physics-based simulators into fast, highly accurate AI simulators. Fujitsu’s AI Solver represents an important breakthrough for industrial applications, revolutionizing fields such as CAE, product design and autonomous smart device performance. In the case of CAE, simulation plays a key role in reducing the number of costly prototype and product failures, supporting design decisions as well as for verification and validation. The AI Solver revolutionizes the speed of the simulation process, with commensurate business advantages. The platform is the result of a joint development program between Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Ltd and Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe.
  • EMEIA, London, June 12, 2018
    Fujitsu AI Technology Dynamically Automates Complex Data Integration for Knowledge Processing
    Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe has developed an innovative artificial intelligence-based technology that overcomes traditional data reconciliation challenges, applying cutting edge Dynamic Data Loading (DDL) to automate complex knowledge processing. Fujitsu’s technology significantly simplifies the data integration and reconciliation process, dynamically loading data during the runtime process using AI and microservice-based crawlers to create a fully scalable and intelligent platform.
  • EMEIA, Stockholm, May 29, 2018
    Fujitsu Focuses on Social and Ethical Impact of AI with AI4People Forum
    Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe has become one of the founding partners of the recently launched AI4People initiative, Europe’s first global forum on the social impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • EMEIA, Stockholm, May 29, 2018
    Fujitsu Focuses on Social Innovation at 2018 Fujitsu Innovation Gathering
    Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe is hosting the sixth annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering today in Stockholm, showcasing an exciting and diverse cross-section of Fujitsu’s latest groundbreaking research and development initiatives to solve social challenges, many on show for the first time in Europe.
  • EMEIA, London, October 02, 2017
    Fujitsu Develops State-of-the-Art AI Solution to Revolutionize Non-Destructive Testing Manufacturing Inspection
    Fujitsu has developed an innovative AI technology that significantly improves manufacturing quality control and defect detection by automatically analyzing and diagnosing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) ultrasonic scan data in just minutes, helping to pinpoint potential defects more rapidly and efficiently than existing processes. Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe’s solution uses a new AI framework that combines image and signal processing techniques with deep learning technology to solve complex manufacturing quality problems.
  • EMEIA, Berlin, May 23, 2017
    Fujitsu’s Novel AI Deep Learning Technology Sheds New Light on Real-World Problems
    Fujitsu today announces an important deep learning technology breakthrough, developing a novel and highly efficient memory distribution mechanism for Deep Neural Networks (DNNs).