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Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

Research Initiatives

In today's hyperconnected world, human-centric ICT can open up many exciting new avenues for business.
It can unlock important new competitive advantages while also achieving positive outcomes for society as a whole.
At Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, our research is helping to produce a new generation of concepts, services and innovative technologies that reflect these attributes.
We are working to enable people, information and infrastructure - for example, linking new business models with innovation and developing new B2B business opportunities that reflect the consumer perspective.

Demonstration Centre

FLE_DemoCentre347x179_20170822 Our purpose-built Demonstration Center in Hayes Park acts as an important business-to-technology gateway.
Here we have a range of exciting innovations and technologies on permanent display, showcasing solutions developed by Fujitsu Laboratories from its global resources in Japan, China, Europe and North America, and in collaboration with other Fujitsu companies.

Innovation Showcase

snap_FIG2017_FTS_170523_0112_S Held alongside the Fujitsu World Tour, the Fujitsu Innovation Gathering is the annual showcase for Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, bringing together its latest advanced technologies and innovative solutions for a unique one-day event.

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Open Collaboration and Partners

Open innovation and collaboration is an essential part of research and development. At Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, we work closely with society's institutions, academic organisations, government laboratories and fellow industry players.
Open Collaboration and Partners
Our goal is to work together to create an intelligence that is far greater than the sum of its individual parts.