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Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

Research Vision

Fujitsu Laboratories plays a crucial role in enabling Fujitsu’s co-creation and digital transformation strategy. Co-creation is the cornerstone of our activity – working with customers and Fujitsu businesses to solve real-world problems in today’s digital society.
As the local representative of Fujitsu Laboratories in EMEIA and a center of excellence in our own right, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe’s key activities include:
  • Artificial Intelligence research, including deep learning, machine learning, and creative information analytics, as part of the digital solutions and services being developed under Fujitsu's human-centric AI initiative called ‘Zinrai’.
  • Security research, reflecting a key element of Fujitsu’s commitment to innovate and help create a safer, more prosperous human centric society.
  • Cognitive networks research, identifying new technologies and solutions within the evolving Internet of Things, where sensors connect and enrich our physical world.
Central to our operational philosophy is working collaboratively with our sister companies across the Fujitsu Group – improving our understanding of customers’ business requirements and channeling this into the R&D process.
We also work closely with many prestigious academic institutions and research organizations across EMEIA, establishing collaborative ties that are pivotal to realizing our research vision.
Our track record includes participating in a number of high profile EU projects, as well as playing an active role in standards development activities.
We are all working together, co-creating to deliver innovation and digital transformation, and above all, achieve a better world to live in.

About Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe represents Fujitsu Laboratories across EMEIA, working to fulfil the Fujitsu vision of Human Centric Innovation. We are the local 'face' of our global organization, focusing on regional initiatives that reflect EMEIA's diversity.