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Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

About Us

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe represents Fujitsu Laboratories across EMEIA, working to fulfil the Fujitsu vision of Human Centric Innovation. We are the local 'face' of our global organization, focusing on regional initiatives that reflect EMEIA's diversity.
We work with customers, collaboration partners and society as a whole to drive the evolution of ICT and help realize a safer and more prosperous world. Open Innovation is an essential element to our work, working with some of the region's highest profile initiatives, including the 5G Innovation Center - the world's first research center dedicated to 5G - and the European Union's largest ever research and innovation program, Horizon 2020.
Our research focus is on creating cutting-edge solutions that benefit society, with particular emphasis on healthcare, manufacturing, finance, creative information analytics and cyber security. Our specialist research teams are actively engaged in Artificial Intelligence initiatives, as well as security technology research, and advanced cognitive networks research.

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Fujitsu Laboratories plays a crucial role in enabling Fujitsu’s co-creation and digital transformation strategy. Co-creation is the cornerstone of our activity – working with customers and Fujitsu businesses to solve real-world problems in today’s digital society.

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Fujitsu Laboratories has a long history of innovation, driven by its position as a model research laboratory, closely in tune with society's challenges and opportunities.

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

Focus on EMEIA

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited has had an active presence in Europe since 1990, when we set up our first facility at Stockley Park near Heathrow. In subsequent years, we opened branches in France and Germany, undertaking advanced research in the fields of telecommunications, information technology and computational science.
In 2001, these operations were merged to form Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Limited, and the company moved its headquarters to our current base at Hayes Park.
Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe represents Fujitsu Laboratories across EMEIA, focusing on regional initiatives that reflect EMEIA's diverse mix of countries and ideologies.
In 2015, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe established a new Data Analytics Research Center in Madrid, Spain, reflecting our commitment to “think global, act local” – applying our R&D expertise to address specific regional challenges.