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ISO 9001

Fujitsu Components Europe has a program of Quality Management that emphasises continual improvement, teamwork and achievement of customer satisfaction. The focus of Fujitsu’s Quality Program is the achievement of successful business outcomes, both for Fujitsu and its customers. This is managed through implementation and maintenance of an effective and efficient set of business processes. Fujitsu’s Quality Management is based on the belief that everyone in the company is responsible for continuously managing and improving the quality of their processes, products and services.

Our Corporate Vision states that we will be recognised for the Quality of our vision, our people and our solutions.

To assist all of us to achieve this aim we have established a management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standard. Our factories have also established systems which meet the requirements of : ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 / QS-9000.

ISO and QS Certifications

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Updated: December 8, 2017

ISO 9001 certificate for Fujitsu Components Europe
  • ISO14000
  • ISO9000
  • ISO/TS16949 / QS-9000

Fujitsu and ISO9001

  • In all areas of business, Fujitsu follows these principles:
  • Customer focus
  • Leadership and involvement of people
  • Systems and processes
  • Performance review and analysis leading to continual improvement
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships with both customers and suppliers
  • This has resulted in our company retaining the ISO 9001 certificate for all its business processes.
  • We regularly review our processes for effectiveness and efficiency. This way we ensure that we continue to identify areas for improvement and maintain compliance with the standard.


  • Fujitsu Servers
  • Storage
  • Client Computing Devices
  • Peripheral devices
  • Software



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