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Workplace and People Development

Fujitsu needs knowledgeable, committed and energised people so that we can meet our business goals and play our role in society. Our annual employee survey tells us that people are most effective at work when they are engaged and enabled. For Fujitsu’s people, being engaged means feeling proud of the work they do and the effects they have on customers and the wider community. Enablement means having the opportunities to use their skills and abilities in a supportive and rewarding environment. All our workplace programmes target engagement and enablement.


We run a wide selection of Engagement events throughout the year, all with the intention of Senior Leaders engaging with employees to share business updates and inviting employees to ask questions, give feedback and make suggestions supporting our ethos of continuous improvement.

We hold Executive Road shows, Back to the Floor days and roundtable events at all Fujitsu sites to give employees the opportunity to hear these messages first hand. These engagements reinforce our AND game strategy to be a great company in society, a great place for our people to work, achieving great results and delivering excellent customer service.

Other engagement activities we run include With HR – workshops where employees can find out about specific topics. Currently we are focused on providing information about the training and support that is available today to develop our people managers. Our Stories is a competition for employees to share examples of their team at its best, to celebrate its success and inspire others. This event runs twice a year.

We create and run proactive employee development programmes that draw employees in and develop their skills in line with the needs of the business and their personal career aspirations. We have successfully launched our Management Accreditation Programme during 2013 and this continues to be rolled out across our line management community. In addition, we have seen a 33% increase in training days delivered FY12 v FY11, with a 25% increase in training days delivered FY13 to date versus the same period FY12 – and we are forecasting to maintain this level of increased training for the full year.

In Fujitsu we are assessing and developing all people managers against a capability framework, validated by the Chartered Management Institute, to achieve consistently excellent management standards.

We recognise and develop 'Distinguished Engineers', our top technical people, to develop technical excellence as a strategic company asset.

We will deliver >100,000 hours of classroom development and >50,000 hours of elearning development in the coming year.

The objective of this strategy is to ensure Fujitsu has skilled, knowledgeable, committed and enabled people so that we can meet our business goals and play our role in society.

Workplace Targets

Management Target Progress Indicator Status Target FY13/14 Target FY14/15
Achieve year on year improvement in the number of employees who feel enabled. Increase in enablement score measured through Employee Survey. On Track 4% 3%
Achieve year on year improvement in the number of employees who feel engaged. Increase in engagement score measured through Employee Survey. On Track 3% 2%
Achieve year on year improvement in employee perception of training and development dimensions measured by the employee survey. Increase in Development and Training scores measured through the Employee Survey. On Track 2% 2%




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