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Stakeholder Engagement

At Fujitsu UK & Ireland we believe that stakeholder engagement is one of the key foundations for effective corporate responsibility performance. We understand that engagement and participation don’t just happen but must be initiated, guided and sustained. The way in which this is done can substantially influence the outputs. Engagement and participation are closely related to issues of inclusion, democracy, empowerment and motivation. The impact of effective engagement and communication can be hugely stimulating and also far reaching, and will always help to establish widespread ownership and increased responsibility. We see these as fundamental planks to improving our social responsibility performance.

We have identified our key stakeholders through a workshop and consultation exercise with members of the Responsible Business Board. From this we have produced a stakeholder map in which we highlight the key stakeholder groups and the primary and secondary methods of communication identified for each group. The following considerations where applied when developing the plan:

  • Who do we need to communicate with?
  • What information needs to be shared?
  • What will be the most effective means of communicating this information?
  • How regularly do we need to communicate?
  • Who will lead the communication with a particular stakeholder group?

Stakeholder Wheel diagram showing the information from the Fujitsu Stakeholder communication, inclusive, transparent T

View a larger version of the Stakeholder communication Wheel

How we engage with Stakeholders


Responsible Business practice is one of Fujitsu UK & Ireland’s key strategic themes and therefore our internal engagement is extensive. The central team works collaboratively across the organisation to promote responsible business initiatives via a range of channels, including corporate email, intranet sites and videos. The topic is included in our CEO Road shows and Regional Management Meetings, and is one of the topics in our new engagement activity, ‘Keep Shaping Our Tomorrow’. We post a monthly Topic of the Month to all employees promoting relevant activities, events and campaigns. We encourage employees to engage in these activities and discussions, providing regular opportunities for feedback and ideas to be submitted.


Fujitsu is committed to providing sustainable products and services and actively promotes the environmental benefits of our solutions to customers. Our environmental performance, and our wider responsible business performance can be discussed as part of our ‘Voice of the Customer’ feedback and improvement process.

Fujitsu Group

As our parent company, Fujitsu Group sets the direction for all Fujitsu regions worldwide. The Group has set out five key priorities around which Fujitsu UK & Ireland has aligned its local programmes. We report back regularly to The Group on progress of all key performance indicators.


Our suppliers are expected to comply with Fujitsu’s Code of Ethics and the Global Business Standards.We also require suppliers to complete an on boarding questionnaire as part of our selection process. We have an established supplier governance programme that reviews suppliers’ performance and compliance. We also follow the Prompt Payment Code.

Suppliers are invited to hear about Fujitsu’s activities and strategic direction at supplier open days, where they have the opportunity to give input and feedback. We carried out an environmental survey with a number of suppliers and ran an SME tour to build relationships with our SME partners, share business updates and explore contract opportunities.

Charities, Communities & NGOs

Engaging with a range of organisations in the third sector helps to guide our programmes and our impact on the environment and society.

A joint strategy has been developed with our charity partner Autistica, focused on their strategic aims and using our core skills as an IT company. We have also worked collaboratively with the likes of The Prince’s Trust and Business in the Community, providing pro-bono IT services where a clear need has been identified, as well as other activities.

We work collaboratively with network groups and forums to inform our programmes and thinking, and also to give our own knowledge and input.

Feedback from the BITC CR Index, and now the Responsible Business Tracker, is used to drive positive change to drive responsible business behaviours.

Purpose of the Engagement

At a strategic level we see the overarching purpose of engagement with our stakeholders as helping us to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Exchange experience
  • Reinforce key principles
  • Gain support and approval
  • Inform and update
  • Sustain momentum and enthusiasm
  • Decide and acting together effectively
  • Continuously improve
  • Manage risk and reputation