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Diversity and Inclusion

Empowering Human Difference


We are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact across the scope of our operations and through services we deliver to customers

Developing a diverse and enabled workforce

We believe in the power of human difference to create a better future in a digital and diverse world.

We are committed to developing a diverse and enabled workforce from the widest talent pools. We promote respect for people and equal opportunities for all.

In a globalized, hyper-connected and multi-cultural society, diversity and inclusion are key drivers of employee engagement and productivity, talent acquisition, innovation and growth. We want to create an environment where diversity and inclusion becomes self-evident in all levels across the organization, in all business activity, and in the way we collaborate with each other, customers and partners.

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“To continue to provide world-class service to our customers, and to stay at the forefront of technology innovation, we are wholly committed to creating an inclusive work environment in which every employee – irrespective of their age, sex, gender identity and expression, ethnic origin, race, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability, social background or marital status – can contribute and thrive.”
~ Paul Patterson, SVP and Head of Northern and Western Europe, Fujitsu

Diversity, Inclusion and being a Responsible Business

‘Diversity’ is about all those things that make us who we are: the rich mix of visible and non-visible differences that exists within our workforce. This encompasses age, caring responsibilities, disability, education, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or belief, sexual orientation, social status, working style and many other personal characteristics.

‘Inclusion’ means creating a collaborative environment that is open to different ideas, perspectives and styles of thinking where all our people feel they can be completely themselves. We can only harness the benefits of diversity – what we call ‘Empowering Human Difference’ – in an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute fully to the Company’s success.

Being a Responsible Business means creating the right conditions for inclusion to be real.

Find out how we support our workforce to be completely themselves and succeed

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Vision: To be recognised as a responsible business that reflects the diversity of our customers and where all our people can be completely themselves and succeed.

Mission: We will be ambitious and innovative in integrating diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business to enhance agility, innovation, productivity, decision-making and customer relationships.

Strategic Goals:

  • Attract, retain and develop a diverse talent population
  • Build a high-performance inclusive culture
  • Enable growth by winning the right way

D&I programmes:

  • Inclusive recruitment and progression
  • Employee awareness and training
  • Bias-free processes and practices
  • Diverse and inclusive role models – find out more.
  • Data analytics and performance benchmarks
  • Engagement with customers and partners
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Workforce Profile and Targets

To measure our performance on Diversity & Inclusion, we monitor a wide range of metrics. We have also set a series of ambitious targets, which are set out below. The Responsible Business Board reviews our progress towards these targets on a quarterly basis.

Workforce stats

Diversity and Inclusion Networks

Fujitsu has a family of four active diversity and inclusion networks which influence and support our efforts to become a more diverse and inclusive organisation:

SEED (Supporting and Engaging Employees with Disabilities)
Shine LGBT+
Women's Business Network
Women’s Business Network
Cultural Diversity Network

The Networks are inclusive groups and open to all employees with an interest in these areas. Each network has a passionate Executive Sponsor who supports the development of the group and champions their work at the most senior levels. The D&I Networks work closely with each other and the business to drive the diversity and inclusion agenda. They play a significant role in creating a better experience for our people, our customers and our partners.

Gender pay gap reporting

Our ambition is to be the tech company where women succeed. We recognise that greater gender diversity will improve business performance by enhancing innovation, relationships with customers, and decision-making.

We welcome gender pay gap reporting as a useful tool to progress our diversity ambitions. Last year, Fujitsu chose to be an early adopter of the Gender Pay Gap reporting standards, publishing our report and action plan on 12th September 2017. We were in the first 1% of companies to publish their gender pay gap. This year we have taken a more detailed look at the key factors that influence our gender pay gap.

Visit our gender pay gap page to find out more >>

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