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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Strategy

The management and promotion of Health & Safety is deemed to be wider than a regulatory requirement and a matter of essential compliance in isolation. As part of the company ethos, there is a strong symbiotic relationship between the Health & Safety and Wellbeing Functions such that benefits may be extended beyond employees and capture the interests of customers, suppliers, stakeholders, the wider community and in some cases, members of the public.

The existing Safety Management System meets the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and through the management and monitoring of performance against Objectives and Targets, the Company can demonstrate continuous improvement year on year. This helps to further embed good safety practice into the Company culture and in parallel with Wellbeing focus on wider matters promoting healthy living, lifestyle choices and wider preventative focus around areas of common interest.

The objective of this strategy is for Fujitsu to operate for the benefit and wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the wider community. We therefore treat Health and Safety management as much more than a regulatory requirement.

Health and Safety Targets

Management Target Progress Indicator Status Target FY13/14
Extend scope of OHSAS 18001 Registration beyond existing pilot sites to ensure all buildings managed by Group Property are within the scope of the Registration. Results of Assessments completed by Company retained External Assessors who will decide if required Standard has been achieved. Certificate to confirm Extension of Scope Actual results of formal Assessments (outside Group Property) – Internal and External. Therefore nature, type and response to Non-conformance and Observations raised. On Track Achieve Registration by end Dec 2013
Increase Health and Safety Contacts throughout the business by 50% by the end of 2013 to support Line Managers with completion of essential statutory obligations and to encourage further engagement and promote awareness of the safety culture. Currently 190 named Health and Safety Contacts. This should be increased to 285 by end 2013 and those invited to join this community should have completed the agreed formal training which is due for release Spring 2013. Progress to be reported to the Health and Safety Committee on a quarterly basis. Behind Track 285
Offer a range of Health and Safety Training Courses to the business to reflect identified key training needs reporting update on a quarterly basis via the Health and Safety Committee. Courses to be available via the Learning and Development Portal and accessible to employees with access to the portal. Quarterly statistics to the Health and Safety Committee to report uptake against the training offering. Achieved Offer training via Learning and Development Catalogue
Develop a mechanism to more effectively report performance against the Safety Management System to the business and ensure information is available via the Health and Safety Collaboration Site on a quarterly basis. Key category surrounding Monitoring and Measurement on front page of Health and Safety Collaboration Site. This should include as a minimum the number of Audits Completed by Region and a break down of Corrective Actions and Recommendations by key Audit Category. Reference or a link to External Assessments completed by Company retained External Assessors in support of Registration to OHSAS 18001 Populated and updated quarterly to include any relevant trends. On Track Use External Assessments to validate
Develop an informal Audit designed to monitor compliance with key areas of the Safety Management System outside Group Property. Audit to be structured to measure Line Manager Compliance with documented safety routines. Presentation of overall results to the Health and Safety Committee (Note: depending on the overall picture presented by way of the results, next steps will be determined if relevant and approved via the Health and Safety Committee) Results to be published via the Health and Safety Collaboration site although participating individuals will not be identified. It is anticipated that this may well support Objective 4 and could be used as a reason to promote measurement of compliance. On Track External Assessments to be used as additional measure

Yearly Reported Accident Statistics 2012 - 2014

Accident Statistics - Yearly
Reportable/Non-Reportable 2012 2013 2014 (YTD)
Non reportable 114 117 78
RIDDOR 10 12 7

Monthly Reported Accident Statistics 2013-2014

Accident Statistics - Monthly
Month 2013 2014 (YTD)
Jan 16 6
Feb 8 12
Mar 7 14
Apr 11 10
May 10 10
Jun 21 9
Jul 11 13
Aug 8 3
Sep 9 8
Oct 10
Nov 10
Dec 8

Health and Safety Audits Completed between 2012 and 2014

Health & Safety Audits Completed
Month 2012 2013 2014
Jan 10 25 18
Feb 5 17 17
Mar 18 20 21
Apr 19 22 24
May 22 25 15
Jun 20 18 19
Jul 20 26 30
Aug 21 29 20
Sep 35 18 34
Oct 38 34 52
Nov 45 30
Dec 16 11