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FUJITSU Image Scanner SP Series - Accessories

The following options, consumables and cleaning kits are available for Fujitsu scanner products.


Scanner Model Consumables Part No. Recommended replacement cycle
SP-1425 Pad Unit
Pad Unit
PA03753-0001 30,000 sheets or one year
Pick Roller Unit
Pick Roller Unit
PA03753-0002 200,000 sheets or one year

Recommended replacement cycle:
The replacement cycles are based upon 80g/m2 (20lbs) A4 paper and may vary for different paper types.

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits Remarks
Cleaner F1
"Cleaner F1" Photography Image

  • For all models
  • Anion surface-active agent 0.5wt%
  • 100ml/bottle
  • Moisten a dry cloth with this cleaner to clean pick rollers, feed rollers and PAD assemblies.
Cleaning paper
"Cleaning paper" Photography Image

  • For all models
  • 10 sheets/pack
  • Use for simple ADF paper path cleaning tasks.
  • Use cleaning paper with Cleaner F1.
Cleaning wipe
"Cleaning wipe" Photography Image

  • For all models
  • 24 sheets/pack
  • Use this sheet to clean pick rollers, feed rollers and PAD assemblies.

Cleaning frequency:
Scanners should be cleaned whenever their outer surface or automatic document feeder (ADF) has become dirty. In general, scanners should be cleaned after ever 1,000 sheets scanned.

Do not use aerosol sprays near the scanner:
Do not use any aerosol sprays or alcohol based sprays to clean the scanner. Dust blown up by strong air from the spray may enter the inside of the scanner. This may cause the scanner to fail or malfunction. Sparks, caused by static electricity, generated when blowing off dust and dirt from the outside of the scanner may cause a fire.