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Supply Chain Management

GLOVIA/SCP : Optimization of Supply Chain Management System in a Factory

GLOVIA/SCP Factory for Process is a (SCP) support package that is a kernel solution
of Supply Chain Management system.(SCM)[Supply Chain Planning system] GLOVIA/SCP Factory
for Process provides functions with an accurate and executive production plan. Recently, some global
enterprises implement large-scale SCM software like GLOVIA/SCP Enterprise version to establish
worldwide business models. In such cases, the headquarters makes a rough cut plan with GLOVIA/SCP
Enterprise version and the factory improves the precision of planning with GLOVIA/SCP Factory for Process.

Specialized business solution makes the implementation inexpensively. Specialized business solution makes the implementation inexpensively.


Specialized solution

  • GLOVIA/SCP Factory for Process provides a solution that considers constraints of specializing
    in process industry.
  • Stock amount is reduced by shortening of rolling cycle of planning.

High performance

  • Real-time information sharing between two or more plans and simultaneous editing are
    shared via the Intranet .
  • Multifunctional edit and evaluation commands are easily operated by drag & drop.
  • Planning engine for deciding a task sequence is provided.

Low price

  • The offering price is more inexpensive than other SCP packages. (PKG price: 1.5MB~)

Short-term implementation

  • implementation is achieved in shorter term compared with other SCP packages.
    (Implementation period: 6 months~)


  • Highly flexible implementation matched in customer's use form is able to cooperate with
    GLOVIA/SCP Enterprise version (Software product of FUJITSU Ltd).
  • It is easy to customize and enhance functions.

For more detail

Download Brochure (313 KB)