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Point of Sales

ISS3000 : Integrated Store Solution


Hardly a day goes by on the Asian market without innovations in store configurations and information systems. The clientele is also very international nowadays. In targeting this developing international market in Asia, Fujitsu has drawn upon years of experience in distribution systems as well as technological advances and carefully researched customer needs in Asia to create the optimum software solution for operating and managing stores in that region. This exciting new development is known as the "Asian Standard".

To make the software as user-friendly possible, it is naturally an open environment. With Windows NT as the server platform, we can expect excellent cost-performance in an such an open environment. By using the general-purpose Microsoft SQL Server for the DBMS (Data Base Management System), not to mention client-server technology, stores can easily obtain the information they need without specialized knowledge. What's more, the object-oriented design (C++) makes customization a cinch.

The ISS3000, equipped with the above features, can be combined with TeamPoS5000 or TeamPoS4000 (Fujitsu POS hardware) to better reflect customer needs and provide the ideal system for your store without being limited by the store environment. The ISS3000 brings its power to bear as a "system partner" of customers and as an "Asian Standard POS Software Solution".

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