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Work Flow

MyOffice: Personnel and Administrative Workflow System

MyOffice is the workflow based personnel and general affairs solution. MyOffice can allow users to change the workflow of the business from the traditional style, which results in many difficulties, to the new easier-to-handle workflow.

The traditional workflow management where a large amount of papers are being used and many procedures are being involved. This can cost business in insufficient workflow such as heavy paper work, paper lost, lacking of knowledge of request status, difficulty in searching for historical data, difficulty in reusing information, time consuming in processing request, and time consuming for issuing of summary report.

But, with MyOffice, users can input the original paper work into the computer system, and thus transform them into the electronic documents, which are kept in the central database. With this method, all the processing requests can be done electronically via the Internet.

MyOffice brings to the business the better and very sufficient workflow: reducing paper work, email notification for approving request, ability to inquire requisition status anytime online, ability to issue summary report immediately, ability to inspect historical data anytime online, reusing data and controlling information, security controlling by authentication.

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