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For more details about our solutions we exhibited in the Conference, please see the materials below.
Event Partner

FUJITSU solutions

Fujitsu Advanced Technology (Digital Annealer)

    Digital Annealer

Fujitsu Digital Innovation

    Microsoft Azure Portfolio for Big Data and Advanced Analytics
    Blinkware Optical Inspection Solution
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Digital Work and Operation Tracking (DWOT)
    Smart Workplace Mobilizing Your Enterprise
    Data Analytics Solution
    Smart Workplace Meeto
    Smart Factory Dashboard
    The Era of The Smart Factory

Fujitsu Managed Services

    SAP on Azure from Fujitsu
    Our Hybrid IT Managed Services for: Microsoft Azure

Intelligent Enterprise

    SAP S4 HANA Conversion Service

Partner Solutions (Cisco, Veritas)

Cisco-Securing Workforce Anywhere

    Cisco Umbrella at a Glance
    Cisco Umbrella & Duo Security
    Post-trial Umbrella Security Report

Veritas-Data Management

    Top Three Reasons to Classify Data