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Fujitsu Aims to Become “Digital Transformation Company” Teams Up with Partners to Provide End-to-End Digital Solutions in 2020

Bangkok Thailand, September 09, 2020 Mr. Toshiro Miura and Mr. Pornchai Ponganekkul
Fujitsu Thailand announced its vision for technology and services, aspiring to become a service-oriented company. Through partnership with leading IT companies, it will provide end-to-end digital solutions and focus on expanding DX Data-Driven and DX-Modernize services.
Mr. Toshiro Miura, Managing Director, Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. outlined business direction and strategy for Fujitsu’s technology services in 2020 to support digital transformation journeys in various industries. To address market demands, Fujitsu has designated four key approaches for driving its business: 1) Transform into a service-oriented company by 2022; 2) Strengthen partnership to deliver business values to customers; 3) Expand digital services and consultancy focusing on DX-Data Driven and DX- Modernize  4) Improve customer satisfaction.
“For the fiscal year ending March 2020, Fujitsu Thailand reported total sales of 3.8 billion Baht. Amidst challenging situations due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have to implement careful measures so as to achieve our goals and missions Fujitsu Limited, earlier announced our company’s intent saying that Fujitsu wants to be a strong partner for our customers, helping them deliver successful digital transformation. In this way, we continue to strive to build a trusted future together. Therefore, Fujitsu Thailand will focus on expanding digital services by combining a wide range of Fujitsu’s technologies and services with our growing partner network. This will allow us to provide the right solutions that truly satisfy the specific needs and requirements of each customer,” Mr. Miura said.
Regarding the expansion of digital services and consulting services especially for DX-Data Driven and DX-Modernize, Mr. Pornchai Ponganekkul, Head of Digital Solutions Group, Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd., provided details about DX-Data Driven services, indicating that Fujitsu is leveraging data as a foundation of digital transformation, enabling customers to extract new value and unlock exciting new business opportunities. Fujitsu’s new Data-driven Transformation concentrates on enabling customers to derive business benefit from their data through managing and protecting their data assets across even the biggest, sprawling IT estates, which stretch from edge to core to the cloud.
Fujitsu Thailand will mainly provide four digital solutions: 1) Smart Factory: transform factory processes into digital processes to streamline production; 2) Data Analytics: data, as a digital business enabler, must be explored, processed, protected and monetized; 3) RPA - Robotic Process Automation: use robots to improve accuracy, reduce cost and increase productivity; and 4) Smart Workplace: enable social distancing, improve remote working with digital solutions, facilitate team collaboration on secure network.
Explaining about DX-Modernize services, Mr. Pornchai added, “Fujitsu Thailand has a strong partner network that will help create more business values for customers. This service portfolio grew significantly last year. It includes SAP Solution, Modern Managed Services, Security Services and Hybrid Cloud Services. Meanwhile, our local team has developed some applications under COVID Respond Campaign to enable our customers in Thailand to continue their business operations during the pandemic. For example, 1) Health Screening Solution for scanning faces, measuring temperature, detecting facial mask wearing; 2) Tracker Application for tracking 
timeline of targeted persons, ensuring comprehensive security; 3) Van Sales Business for New Normal Application that supports sale management, logistics management, online ordering, route management, inventory checking; 4) Cloud Kitchen for New Normal Application that supports cashless payment, enabling manufacturers or restaurants to manage orders and delivery and communicate with customers more effectively.”

Sharpening its focus on enabling customer business outcomes through driving digital transformation, Fujitsu is taking the lead in introducing a structured process for Data-based Consulting and Implementation – starting by enabling customers to create a data transformation baseline within their organization. This is followed by defining a target base architecture, and establishing a data environment in order to provide the foundations for delivering organization-wide business value and driving innovation for sustainable growth.

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Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“FTH”) is the leading information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services, including cloud solutions, ERP, IT infrastructure management, systems integration, IT consulting, computers, servers and scanners. FTH established in September 1990 and continually grow up . FTH do a strong, autonomous, local management ethos by fostering local client relationships, building on common local insight and understanding, encouraging local decision-making and providing the assurance of local accountability and responsiveness.
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Date: 09 September, 2020
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