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REGZA Phone T-01C(2010)

A smartphone developed by Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications, and the first waterproof smartphone in Japan provided with the Android operating system. In incorporated the Mobile Regza Engine 3.0 optimized for smartphones based on the super-resolution technology of Regza LCD televisions, and which could display high-quality movies such as by using 1seg or YouTube. It also included various functions which were often requested in previous mobile phones, such as "Osaifu-Keitai" (mobile wallet function), infrared communication, and the Japanese-language input system ATOK. It was released as a high-spec smartphone which people could use as "an all-in-one device."
Length: 126 mm, width: 62 mm, thickness: 11.9 mm (14.7 mm at thickest part), weight: approx. 149 g
Continuous call duration: for FOMA 3G, approx. 280 min. of voice calls; for GSM, approx. 260 min. of voice calls
Continuous standby duration: for FOMA 3G, approx. 370 min. at rest (automatic); for GSM, approx. 250 min. at rest (automatic)

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