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Raku-Raku Smartphone(2012)

Applying the voice technology and universal technology cultivated with the Raku-Raku Phone series, the Raku-Raku Smartphone was launched as a model incorporating the most current hardware and software, which could be used with confidence even by those who had never used a smartphone before.
It paid particularly close attention to its basic functionality of being easy to use, easy to hear, and easy to see, by providing touch panels designed to prevent operational errors, easy to understand menus, speakers dedicated to receiving calls which achieved low speech distortion even at comfortable volume, and screens whose liquid crystal displays were adjusted to always provide the optimal color tone and brightness for easy viewing.
Length: approx. 130 mm, width: 64 mm, thickness: 10.9 mm, weight (with battery pack installed): approx. 138 g
Continuous standby duration: for 3G, approx. 460 hours; for GSM, approx. 320 hours. Continuous call duration: for 3G, approx. 350 min., for GSM, approx. 380 min.
Display size: approx. 4.0-inch wide VGA (480x800). Camera: (outside) approx. 8.1 million pixel CMOS, (inside) approx. 320 thousand pixel CMOS.
Colors (3 varieties): gold, navy, pink