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Workplace Assessment Service

IT workplace environments have grown to encompass many different technologies, in the pursuit to meet ongoing demands of the business, and as such, have become highly complex. Finding the optimal solution from such a range of technologies presents a substantial challenge.

To meet this challenge, Fujitsu has a proven standardized Workplace Assessment, which offers an efficient and low-priced analysis of your IT workplace environment, and further provides specific recommendations to improve efficiency, whilst supporting you in clearly defining your specific business-prioritized requirements for any resulting solution. This forms the basis for formulating well-qualified IT workplace strategies. Fujitsu has extensively evaluated and tested a large number of IT workplace technologies with many companies. As a result of the experience gathered Fujitsu has developed the skills required to provide comprehensive consultation for your company regarding the suitability of such technologies for your specific business requirements. Furthermore, Fujitsu adopts a neutral consultation position as a result of its partnership with all the main IT workplace technology providers.

Customer’s benefits:

  • A detailed description of the actual situation, including a classification of existing user groups and a list of all applications 
  • A clear description of the benefits that the planned workplace solution will provide 
  • Support in selecting the workplace technologies involved 
  • Multivendor consultation 
  • Possible migration scenarios (e.g. to Windows 7)
An ideal next step, after collecting and analyzing the data for the current situation is Fujitsu’s MANAGED WORKPLACE, a cost-effective service which ensures operating and support of IT workplaces over the entire lifecycle at a fixed price per seat.