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Easy Installation Only Windows NT, SQL, and a simply designed ISS3000 need to be installed. Implementation is easy and can be done in a short time.
Fault Tolerance Backup has been further strengthened. The server's hard disk can be mirrored and the server can be made redundant.
Offline Tool Operation can be continued without stopping even when the POS is offline. The data that accumulates in the POS while offline can be transmitted to another server by the Offline Tool.
Security System " Feature Maintenance " The features that can be accessed by individual employees can be set in detail.
Multilingual English, Chinese, Thai and other language version ISS3000s are provided. (For details, please contact your local Fujitsu representative.)
Printing Variation Either usual POS printing or batch printing mode can be selected. Batch printing can be used to give the customers a clean receipt without corrected lines, etc. In addition, the validation of the amounts on check and traveler's checks, etc., can be conducted.
In the currency of what country will the customer pay? The base currency and the tax can be freely set. In addition, a variety of foreign currencies can be selected at the time of tender.
Simple Key-map Setting A key-map can be simply set for each POS unit. The system is operator friendly!
Complete Reports can be created Flash Sales
Division Sales
Department/class Sales
Merchandise Sales
Location Status
Sales by Time
Salesman's Record
Suspend/Recall Transactions
Voided Transactions
Missing/Duplicate Transactions
Transaction Management
Employee Totals
Employee Audit Log

* These can be customized to meet customer needs.