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Frequent Shoppers Program (FSP)

Key to Successful Frequent Shoppers Program (FSP) Reward your Customer


  • Supports Customer Rewards Cycle through Frequent Shoppers Program
    Corema™ EXPRESS provides an integrated environment that supports the logical flow of a customer rewards cycle. Purchases information is collected from all customers, crunched, analysed, reported and presented to the user through a single environment that includes the management of a reward program.

    Corema™ EXPRESS also provides for an easy interface with raw transaction collection devices such as POS and smart kiosks. The open nature of Corema™ EXPRESS allows these interfaces to be built easily.
  • Cost Effective Shrink-wrapped Application
    Corema™ EXPRESS is a shrink-wrapped, web-enabled application. It allows users to implement and deploy a customer analysis program simply, quickly and cost-effectively on existing infrastructure, and to build marketing programs based on Frequent Shoppers Program( FSP) coupled with Corema™ EXPRESS is a proven successful concept which enables retailers to reap higher profits and margins without additional Advertising & Promotion investment.
Functions Overview

Larger View (15 KB)

System Configuration

Assume that the following requirements are given:

  • 500,000 customers
  • 55,000,000 sales item (6 months history)
  • 3 concurrent client access
Hardware Software
Server Fujitsu Primergy MS610
Memory: 1GB
Hard Disk: 50 GB
OS: Windows NT 4.0
MS SQL Server 7.0
Client Pentium II 266MHz
Memory: 64MB
Hard Disk: 3.2 GB
OS: Windows 95/NT
Internet Explorer