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FJICAD/MX is global product name of iCAD MX.

Fujitsu's original mid-range 3D CAD system

More Details The existing two-dimensional data is three-dimensionsized smoothly, and it can utilize. Compatibility with MICROCADAM is high and it can inherit the operability to which it is used. The three-dimensional effect is realizable by extension of a two-dimensional design for a short period of time.

More Details To meet the needs of our many customers, Fujitsu has developed a 3D CAD system based on new 3D design concepts, including 3D structure design and 3D drafting, with a focus on the design culture of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

More Details FJICAD/MX was developed as a successor to Fujitsu's ICAD/MX-Hybrid (2D/3D hybrid system). We greatly enhanced the performance of the previous model, including the 3D function, to develop a full-scale, mid-range 3D CAD system.

More Details Fujitsu's FJICAD/MX is based on a solution developed with features designed to improve efficiency in design operations and product lifecycle management as a whole, such as realization of effective use in combination with tools developed for specific purposes.