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Product Line

Currently, Fujitsu launches the following PLM software products into global market.


FJICAD/SX is a 3D CAD System designed with a focus on the product forms and processes of mechanical and device design. FJICAD/SX provides ultrafast response using ultra lightweight data structures that are 1/50th the weight of other CAD systems.


FJICAD/MX is a mid-range product offering both solid modeling and production and detail drawings as a single fully integrated product. FJICAD/MX provides cost effective migration for mainframe CADAM engineers moving from 2D drafting to 3D modeling.

FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager

As product data management (PDM) solution, FJPLEMIA helps you deliver increasingly complex products to market. FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager can manage data from major CAD systems, so you can bring parts from different CAD systems into a visual mockup, where you can visualize, inspect and mark them up (revise).


FJVPS offers design process of assembling using 3D-CAD data, Inspecting design, Inspecting productivity, and front-loading the duties of production preparation.


FJGP4D is a powerful production support tool for visualizing process design. FJGP4D supports effective process design and various kinds of evaluation in the field of assembly and logistics.


FJKSWAD software simulates structural problems that are critical to evaluate product
performance. FJKSWAD enables every designer to carry out structural simulation on parts
and assemblies with finite element analysis (FEA).