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Customers are becoming more sophisticated with higher expectations than ever before. To retain a competitive edge, your company has to anticipate changes in customer preferences and behavior. Fujitsu's Logistics Value-Added Services offer you options to enhance operations, test new markets, add product lines, and expand distribution without capital investments and long-term risks.

Fujitsu's worldwide logistics service is for companies seeking comprehensive or customized logistics management. Fujitsu continues to raise industry standards for visibility, availability, and delivery for businesses requiring continuous operations to serve their customers. We also improve service levels for growing businesses to efficiently meet post-sales requirements.


Besides generic EDI solutions, Fujitsu's expertise in supply chain has also resulted in an EDI solution developed specifically for procurement. ProcureMART is a solution that builds secure EDI systems that facilitate the documentation needs of your suppliers, business partners, buyers and your internal workflow.

Operating on an ASP model, ProcureMART provides for the Electronic, Machinery and Auto parts industries, with modules that include:

  • EDI for Order placement
  • EDI for Sales processing
  • EDI for Quotation



1 Check and acknowledge new P/O

Manufacturer issues a P/O to the supplier using ProcureMART and supplier can reply with an acknowledgement to either accept, reject or check for yet to be received P/O. Comments to the P/O can also be posted.

2 Reply to Delivery Date

The suppliers are able to answer to the fulfilment of the order at the specified date of delivery and to make arrangement for partial shipment if required.

3 Retrieve the previous P/O data

Previous P/O data which was completely delivered within the last 60 days can easily be recalled for reference.

4 Print out P/O

P/O with client application can also be printed out.

5 Download P/O data

The P/O data can be downloaded from the server and used for MS-Excel for instance.

6 Announced by E-mail

When new documentations are sent out at the web-server, the buyer supplier will receive an email notification.


1 Parts Estimation

Provides a function for requesting the estimation of parts and for replying to the request.

2 Data Sharing

Allows the party making the request and the purchasing division to share the data.

3 Document Sharing

Documents such as drawings can be attached. Buyers and suppliers can also download files for reference and checking.

4 Announced by E-mail

Informs the buyer and supplier by e-mail of the arrival of an estimation request and reply data.


  • Improving efficiency of operations for purchase
  • Improves efficiency of receiving departments with introduction of standard delivery document
  • Reduction of manpower requirement
  • Shortening procurement procedures
  • Reduce paper documents (Cost saving due to reduction in paper usage)
  • Improving the speed for receiving, inspection and sales check
  • No additional hardware or manpower investment required