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Solaris Product & Related Services

Our traditional heritage has served our customer well. It is on this basis that Fujitsu Asia started to provide quality mission critical services to our customers. Equipped with an overall vision of complexity of systems connectivity, our team of qualified engineers is able to provide the prompt and efficient support expected in a complex data center environment. Fujitsu Asia has extensive experience in SUN maintenance such as E10Ks, F6800, E4500, E3500, E420, Ultras, SUN storage.

Services Provided

Fujitsu Asia currently provides the following SUN related services:

  • Plan and perform Sun patch (kernel, security etc)
  • Plan and perform OS version upgrade
  • Monitor and perform health checks on sun servers
  • Assess performance of sun servers and recommend or carry out necessary actions
  • Performance Tuning of sun servers
  • Track and Maintain Server Inventories (patch level, h/w Configurations, etc)
  • Involve and recommend solutions and resolve on I_planet / Veritas / Oracle/ SUN issues or problems
  • Involvement in Disaster Recovery planning and execution
  • Hardware upgrade for all SUN servers
  • Recommend and constant review basic security hardening on all SUN servers
  • Recommend and perform OS hardening on Internet facing sun servers
  • Integration of Tivoli with SUNMC

Our product range and solutions have now extended to Fujitsu's own brand name of PRIMEPOWER servers capable of delivering up to 128 processors in one frame.