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Thin Client

In the business arena today, organizations will look to IT to provide an edge over the competition in terms of cost and speed of delivery. Conversely, thin servers and fat desktops design and proliferation have increased cost and delayed speed of delivery. In fact, the network sometimes becomes a bottleneck, even a showstopper in applications deployment.

Fujitsu has in place, a pool of talented and experienced engineers, capable of delivering solutions to enhance performance of the network, extend the life of legacy PCs while centralising resources. These engineers have been implementing and managing thin-client solutions for small businesses and large businesses alike, regardless of them being a single office or in hundreds of locations.

Fujitsu therefore provides organizations with a way to extend resources, simplify application deployment and administration, and lower the cost of application ownership. The solution basically allows multiple, concurrent users to log on and run applications in separate, protected Windows sessions on the server. Application management is deployed and supported from a single point across a network of any size. The solution also does not require any particular devices of operating system and allows the latest PCs, workstations, network computers and legacy PCs to be used with it. There is no need to replace or overhaul existing network infrastructure, or even abandon existing applications or code. Users can easily access all the latest Windows-based applications. Besides ease of administration, enhanced security and remote management, businesses also benefits from:

  • A Single point of control and administration that supports centralised applications and operations
  • Quick application deployment with universal application access
  • LAN-like performance from all locations
  • Eyes only security vital data remains on the server
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Use of any client device, network connection, network protocol
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