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Security Scanning Services


1) Is it true that by installing both Firewall and Virus Detection Software, it will make your network infrastructure super safe?

Just by installing Firewall and Virus Detection, it will still not completely protect your company from becoming a victim of virus or hacking attempt.

Firewall is there to intercept any unnecessary intrusion attempt coming from an external source. And virus detection software makes sure that all attachment files from incoming mail or downloads are free from virus.

If the hacker/cyber intruder decides to penetrate into your network through the web server, the Firewall still cannot do anything to stop the intrusion.

If Firewall is used to intercept the web server, it will cause defacement of the website. Even if the port is closed from stopping the content to leak externally, it is still a serious problem to solve once your network get infected with computer virus coming from other company's servers.

2) If nothing is done to tackle a security hole, what will be the consequences?

Security holes, if left untouched, could easily be used by mischievous hackers to cause unauthorized access. It will be used as a key to trespass through any weakness hidden in the software. Security hole means weakness caused by defect of various setup.

If you just leave the security hole as it is without doing anything about it, it could allow someone without authority to have access to confidential information and data even from a remote location. By then, the system is already exposed to serious danger.

3) Are you ever worried that important data like IP address and security audit result can be leaked to external party?

Not at all. Once you have signed up our service, you will have exclusive access to Fujitsu Portal Site. This page is fully encrypted by SSL so that external party cannot view the contents.

4) Is it necessary to power off the server while the scanning is carried out?

No. Since Security Scanning Service Express is conducted in the form of information scanning, it detects result by evaluating test packet response while packet is used to collect all kinds of information.

For example, if the scanning engine is trying to detect any sign of DOS fragility on the host, it will dispatch special test packet in order to analyze the response.

The scanning will create a slight burden on the server, so we have set the default scanning time to an average of 10 to 20mins for 1 IP just to make the process short. In other words, scanning can be carried out during normal business hour as no system needs to be turned off.

However, depends on the network and network device requirement, it could still possibly cause slight difficulty to access.

5) Once we sign up for "Security Scanning Service", is there anything that we need to prepare?

No setup or additional equipment is necessary at all. Internet connection on the web browser is all you need. Security Scanning Service Express is supplied by Qualys and it is a server scanning service.

Qualys Inc's product called "QualysGuard" is a security audit tool used to evaluate customer's server via the internet.

Our customer can have exclusive access to Fujitsu's Portal Site. As long as you have access to the browser, you can activate the scanning anytime and from anywhere you want. You can also read scanning result anytime.

6) Once a security hole is found, will the service provide automatic action to resolve the problem?

No. Security Scanning Service Express does not activate automatic action to handle the security hole found, but we can suggest effective solutions on the report to help you to tackle the security threat.

The test report reveals the result in an easy-to-understand format. Report written in Japanese language can also be provided upon request. By following the solutions provided on the report, the customer could easily fix the problem. However, this all depends on your company's policy and customer's needs. Fujitsu does provide full consultation on report contents plus all necessary recovery support to improve your network.