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Security Scanning Services


Speedy service to discover security hole
Our remote audit always employs the latest scanning pattern to detect security hole. Once a security hole is found, an attack pattern will be reflected within 1 to 2 days time.

Unlimited analysis per year on your network
Depends on the usage agreement signed, it is possible to have unlimited auditing service on a per year basis. Regular check can be performed. You can also use our service to make sure that everything is still secured even after the system has been changed. In this sense, you can rest assure that your system will always remain secured.

Regular security audit can also be arranged by scheduler
There is a scheduler function to activate regular auditing. By making sure that your security level is checked on a regular basis, even if a new security hole is found, you can make sure that it is being looked after right away.

Remote auditing tool, QualysGuardTM, is also available in Japanese language
(Japanese contents is exclusively provided by Fujitsu)

This is the first time where QualysGuardTM , a security assessment service provided by Qualys, is first operated within Singapore after it has successfully launched its service in Japan. The audit result can be delivered in Japanese upon special request. Once we receive your application agreement, the client can use the recognition device through a web page accessed only to those authorized. Since SSL is used to encrypt the signal, the audit result will not leak to external sources. In order to be able to access to this service, please make sure that your PC is installed with either Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above or Netscape 6.0 or above.

With the aspects that your company will be able to tackle security hole earlier than other companies while remote auditing can be made more frequent, we assure you that our attack test service is a high quality service at a low cost.*QualysGuardTM is a remote auditing tool provided by the US based company, Qualys. Qualys has an extensive customer base all over Europe and the North America region. It has highly regarded as a top-notch IT security provider in the industry.

In the case where Japanese report is required, additional charge will apply.

 Speedy service to discover security weakness

Speedy service to discover security weakness