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Technical Support Services

Proactive and preventive: Reinvent your support services globally with Fujitsu

IT is vital to your business today, meaning that preventing problems before they arise is better than fixing them. Unplanned outages are damaging and can have a serious impact on revenue, customer satisfaction and your business image. Therefore, it is wise to prevent outages from happening by relying on proactive support services in advance instead of merely reacting to critical issues. As your trusted partner, we can assist you in a number of ways: When it comes to ensuring business continuity in the data center or high end-user productivity, Fujitsu Technical Support Services are available worldwide to help you boost your performance and improve the customer experience. At the same time, you will be able to focus your full attention on your core business thanks to Fujitsu support.

Your one-stop partner for your entire IT infrastructure

Whether you want to increase system availability or performance, conduct rollouts on schedule and deploy solutions without hassles: Fujitsu Technical Support Services let you do business with the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Worldwide.

Fujitsu Managed Rollout & Lifecycle Support Services ensure that the right systems are available at the right time and the right place. These services include automated or customized installations, mass rollouts, upgrades, relocations and de-installations. Fujitsu has expert rollout and project management concepts covering localization analysis, installation, training, data migration and system disposal, both on the local and global levels.

Fujitsu Managed Infrastructure Support fully supports the ongoing fulfillment of all SLAs in Fujitsu IT infrastructures, as well as for multivendor hardware and software products, including retail systems. These services range from national to global and are provided on or off premises.

Global On-site Support

Especially those enterprises doing business internationally need to have service solutions that guarantee maximum quality around the globe. The Fujitsu Global Program Management Office (GPMO) delivers such services. This global service delivery center supports your operations by managing and delivering field services in over 180 countries worldwide, and with the ability to ramp up local service delivery teams quickly. Consistent service management is provided on a 24x7 basis through Fujitsu's three-hub service grid for the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. The global on-site IT support system provides interventions for specific countries, where they are fulfilled by local field engineers.

Global service delivery management and governance comply with consistent processes and delivery management in all phases of the contract lifecycle. Utilising real time visual reporting during ongoing service operations, the GPMO sends out and proactively follows up on support tickets to make sure that field engineers are taking the right steps to resolve any end-user issues within the agreed SLA. Local service delivery is accomplished through our own Fujitsu engineers, or in collaboration with our qualified partner network.

The main business benefits for customers are:

  • Increased management awareness and visibility of field services based on our global dashboards and reporting
  • A cost-effective solution, without sacrificing quality, security, resilience or business intimacy

Why Fujitsu?

  • We have invested heavily in the technology, tools, processes and skills required to deliver world-class technical and maintenance services managed by a global "follow-the-sun" service team
  •  You have the assurance of global delivery, service and reporting
  • We can adapt the scope of our services to satisfy your changing business needs
  • The mission of our Global Program Management Office is to deliver consistent technical and maintenance services that fulfill customer-specified SLAs – anywhere in the world
  • Solid end-to-end service integration means higher customer satisfaction and lower costs