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Dynamic Infrastructure for SAP

Reduce implementation time, risks and costs

SAP IT users are challenged to support fast changing business operations and ambitious SLAs at minimum costs. Short-term provision of new SAP applications to end users, acceptable response times and high availability of productive systems are just a few examples of the daily challenges which IT administrators need to handle.

Fujitsu addresses these customer requirements with Dynamic Infrastructures solutions and comprehensive services for SAP. Since these solutions seamlessly integrate virtualization and automation technologies, resources can be allocated as needed with minimum effort and time. This enables a significant increase in flexibility and efficiency, which will cut TCO (total cost of ownership) by at least a third. For more than three decades, our close cooperation with SAP has been a highly successful relationship, since our customers can enjoy an integrated end-to-end solution from the application to the IT infrastructure stack. This makes Fujitsu the natural choice for optimizing your SAP infrastructure.

Overall Portfolio


Yield higher cost efficiencies with minimized risks with the SAP Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

SAP Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Fujitsu - a global SAP partner – delivers the availability of customer’s SAP applications. This is a complete service offering which encompasses infrastructure, data centre and SAP infrastructure services. Customers benefit from a comprehensively managed infrastructure on a “On Demand” basis allowing higher cost efficiencies yet with minimized risks.

Most SAP users spend more than 70% of their IT budget on operating their SAP infrastructure, with hardly any opportunity to introduce innovations and thus gain competitive benefits. The logical result is that operating costs must be reduced. Furthermore, fault-free access to the networked systems and their information is decisive for business success. Even the briefest of downtime results in lost productivity, income and possibly customers as well as missing out on business opportunities.

Fujitsu’s SAP IaaS offering provides customers with SAP resources on an “on demand” basis. This is provided as an annual subscription for a “Baseline” measured amount of resources. SAP customers utilising Fujitsu’s SAP IaaS will now be able to pay according to what they subscribe to, eliminating Capital Expenditure (CAPEX).

SAP IaaS Overview

Based on the tried and tested FlexFrame technology, SAP customers can look forward to cost savings of 30% or more, while ensuring that service levels are met for their mission critical requirements across all aspects of their SAP landscape. This innovative solution which utilises the cloud as part of the architecture results in great value for the customer with reduced costs and increased R&D efficiency.

Download the SAP IaaS brochure here (117 KB).

Automated and virtualized operational concept for SAP applications - FlexFrame™ for SAP®

FlexFrame™ for SAP® is a pre-integrated and highly efficient IT infrastructure that dynamically assigns servers to SAP applications on demand. Such a highly agile solution enables easy scalability of server and applications during operation. Central management, high-availability and disaster recovery are integrated components. Further efficiency advantages result from the integration of leading VMware Virtualization technology which can run each SAP application on any physical or virtual server within the server-pool, thus enabling a higher degree of HW utilization.

FlexFrame for SAP is worldwide the first offering with integration of physical and virtual machines – certified as Adaptive Computing Compliant by SAP

More flexible queries – faster responses Business Warehouse Accelerator Infrastructure

Turn your data into knowledge within seconds with our BW Accelerator Infrastructure solution.

The SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator solution from Fujitsu is a comprehensive infrastructure solution that allows several terabytes of data to be analyzed in a matter of seconds and helps users gain real-time insight into their organization that they can leverage to give their business the decisive edge. PRIMERGY BX620 S5 blade servers and NetApp FAS- storage systems ensure that SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator achieves maximum performance and outstanding value for money. Since it is preinstalled and pretested, the solution can be up and running quickly. As part of the offering, there is also an extensive range of BW services for the seamless integration of the solution into the customer BW environment.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, the accelerated version for SAPNetWeaver BW, allows users to search through data using keywords and business-critical questions answered without any special training or prior know-how.

Test-drive SOA with SAP® Discovery System

SAP® Discovery System is a perfect base for practical training courses, to evaluate updates in advance and to prepare proof of concepts as a solid base for decisions. Offered as a packaged preinstalled solution that provides a ready-to-use SAP environment, the new Discovery System Version 4.0 has two main focus areas:

1. SAP SOA including latest composite environment

2. SAP BusinessObjects integration

The SAP Discovery System software for was created to help customers and partners map their paths to successful adoption of SOA. With the SAP Discovery System, enterprise architects, business process experts, IT development teams, consultants, and systems integrators can effectively accelerate their learning curve with composite applications, SOAs as well as BusinessObjects integration.

Remark: Fujitsu is not responsible for licensing the SAP Discovery System. Please address your SAP licensing queries directly at SAP (SAP account manager or partner manager).

Integrated Business Applications on Stable Hardware for Midsize Customers - SAP Business All-in-One Fast-Start Program

Tailor-made, cost-efficient and powerful infrastructures help to ensure calculable costs and implementation periods for SAP Business All-in-One.

Medium-sized businesses very often trump with a special mixture of expertise, continuity and agility. Integrated ERP and CRM solutions like SAP Business All-in-One and SAP CRM 2007 ensure that agility also comes along with profitability. However, companies often fear long and cost-intensive implementation periods. The SAP Business All-in-One Fast-Start Program with integration of SAP functionality has been designed to take away such risks and ensure calculable costs, reduced total cost of ownership and significantly shortened implementation periods. Fujitsu ensures tailor-made, cost-efficient and powerful infrastructures to support SAP’s outstanding approach.

SAP® SystemInspection Service

The SAP SystemInspection Service from Fujitsu is a unique toolset that analyzes your existing SAP IT infrastructure during operation and maps your real load profile. Without effecting your productive environment, the SystemInspection measures, analyses and determines how your system is doing now, and how it will perform in the future. The collector software accesses the SAP landscape to be analyzed via the standardized SAP RFC interface without impacting performance or the current processes. The SystemInspection report not only provides a complete inventory list of your SAP IT infrastructure, it also creates transparency as to the utilization of the individual IT components and SAP systems. The benefit of this analysis is that it helps you to identify and solve performance bottlenecks. In addition you also receive our recommendation for an optimized IT landscape as part of your consolidation, migration or upgrade projects. SystemInspection Service provides a holistic view of your SAP landscape and a solid foundation to help you decide your IT infrastructure strategy!