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FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Virtual Desktop Service (V-DaaS)

V DaaS

Transform Workplace Mobility by Going Virtual

Fujitsu V-DaaS, a virtual desktop-as-a-service solution, transforms workplace mobility by enabling your staff to access their virtual PC environment anytime, anywhere – while lowering operational costs, enhancing data security and ensuring business continuity

Innovative workstyles with Virtual Desktops

Fujitsu V-DaaS provides businesses with a virtual desktop (thin client) environment. It allows your staff to access their virtual PC environment hosted in Fujitsu’s private, secure network using a thin client via a web browser– in the office, on-the-go or at home — via any devices from PCs, tablets to smartphones. Offering the same business environment regardless of where one’s staff works, it delivers a seamless user experience with the flexibility, performance and productivity your workforce is looking for today.

With Fujitsu V-DaaS, virtual desktop is licensed on a subscription basis and centrally hosted. As such, your client devices will no longer store any user data, Operating System (OS) or applications, as these would be centrally managed and executed on servers equipped with high-performance CPUs, located at Fujitsu data centers. Patches, virus scanning, version upgrades and more would be consolidated on the servers, with only printable screen images transferred to the virtual desktops.

Installed on the Fujitsu’s Tier 3, ISO 27001 certified data center in our dedicated private hosted cloud environment in Singapore, it increases the control over your valued IT and information assets, while empowering your staff with 24x7x365 access to their virtualized desktops to stay productive and collaborate from anywhere.


  • Seamless user access to Virtual PCs or Virtual Applications 24x7x365 via a user-friendly web-based desktop portal
  • Easy operation environment via administration portal with comprehensive functionalities to:
    • Create and update virtual PC master and virtual application masters
    • Deploy virtual PCs and virtual applications
    • Control virtual PCs and virtual applications, including creating, deleting or making changes to user accounts
    • Link virtual PCs and virtual applications with accounts
    • Export usage logs of virtual PCs and virtual applications
  • Comprehensive services and support by Fujitsu including:
    • Initial consulting and business requirements assessment
    • Setup of:
      • Virtual desktop environment and IP addresses setup
      • Virtual PC Master and Virtual Application Master setup and registration
      • Operation and monitoring environment setup
    • Integration with existing IT infrastructure
    • Hosting in Fujitsu data centers located in Singapore.
    • End-to-end support from Fujitsu experts with thorough knowledge of desktop environment and platform operations, including:
      • 24x7x365 monitoring and maintenance of virtual desktop platform
      • Administration support center for assistance with virtual desktop platform monitoring, troubleshooting and operations; with first-line support by Fujitsu Asia monitoring and operations team, and second-line support by Fujitsu Japan’s monitoring and operations team
  • Affordable, scalable and consumption-based service model with one-time initial costs and recurring per-user per-month costs


  • Boost staff productivity and mobility by empowering them to work and collaborate anytime, anywhere.
  • Ensure business continuity with fast disaster recovery via Fujitsu data center during a crisis; enable staff to stay away from crisis zones while remaining connected to the corporate network to keep the business operational.
  • Enhance security by protecting data against information leakage, backed by multi-layered security functionalities at Fujitsu data centers.
  • Reduce complexity of IT management with standardized desktop configuration; and centralized management of patch, application and OS updates and upgrades via the administrative portal; free IT to focus on strategic aspects of running the business.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with affordable, consumption-based model that cuts CAPEX; better cost control by paying only for what is used.
  • Be at the forefront of technology with always up-to-date technologies and on-demand software that eliminates time spent on constant IT refresh.
  • Improve agility to innovate faster, drive revenues and support new business needs and seasonal fluctuations in the size and profile of staff such as temporary hires, in-house vendors etc.
  • Lower carbon footprint with reduced number of physical desktops.