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Data Centre

Professional Services

Fujitsu's suite of professional services range from basic maintenance, design and support of turn-key applications to procurement, helpdesk, asset management and project management. The major focus of these services is on skill transfer and enhancement and sharing cost benefits with customers.


Fujitsu manages your orders with product suppliers to ensure minimal costs, stock availability and on-time delivery to agreed locations.

Help Desk

To support the IT end user, Fujitsu's help desk specialists handle a comprehensive range of technical questions and particularly complex problems are solved by their specialist support centers.

Asset Management

This service covers the entire product lifecycle. Fujitsu begins by barcoding your IT hardware and they perform daily asset tracking, periodical audits and financial reporting.


Fujitsu sets up configured systems at your site and for customers requiring full turn-key solutions including site inspection and hot staging.


Fujitsu provides training on a wide range of products including operating systems, off-the-shelf software packages and customer-specific applications.


This service includes remote diagnosis, on-site fixes and repair depot services. Products covered include midrange products by all major IT vendors, LAN products and server/desktop hardware.

Network Management

Fujitsu provides remote monitoring of your wide/local area network infrastructure, keeps your network diagrams current and provides capacity and performance management. If required, they can also provide on-site remedial maintenance.

Transition Project Management

In addition to the standard services they offer, Fujitsu can help you manage specific IT projects such as regional IT system deployment. Project management services include cost analysis, vendor management and schedule management.


From requirement assessment through to system design, this service coordinates your total migration plan.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery services help customers minimize the business risks of catastrophic IT failure. We establish recovery strategies, develop test recovery plans and provide cost-effective disaster recovery sites to enable business resumption within defined timeframes.