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Data Centre

Managed Services

Our Managed Services free your organization from the day-to-day administrative works of your systems. A secure connection directly to your systems allows our support engineers to perform regular monitoring, and take proactive measures to prevent minor problems becoming major. Our expertise spans all the leading names in hardware, software and networking. Delivery is confirmed through clear, comprehensive service reporting and management.

Working with the customer, our consultant will gain a comprehensive understanding of the systems to be managed and the business dependency upon them. This ensures that those services meet customer's business goals and priorities.

Monitoring Service

  • Node availability Monitoring: 24 x 7 Server & URL Uptime Monitoring, including downtime notification to customer.
  • Hardware Monitoring, including first level problem isolation, and notification to customer and vendor.
  • System Monitoring, including first level problem isolation, and notification to customer and vendor.
  • Performance and capacity Monitoring, including first level problem isolation, and notification to customer.
  • Application monitoring.
  • Reporting, including Infrastructure Uptime Reports, Web Trends Reports (only for web servers), Utilization Reports on CPU, Memory, HDD & Bandwidth, and Infrastructure Incident Report.

Operational Support

With Operational Support you will be assured that somebody will always be available to support your systems and applications. Our highly skilled and trained engineers can provide you with virtual hands to operate your IT infrastructure although you are physically far from them. This arrangement can significantly reduce the cost of support and operations as you can leverage on our resources for scheduled and unscheduled tasks.

First Level Support

A customized first level field support to completely handle your hardware and/or software systems issues related to your systems, including system operation, diagnostic and support. Our engineers will support your system during the normal operation and in case of trouble do the first level fault isolation and escalation.

Finger Assistance

Pre-defined and limited ad-hoc activities that you can activate and order our iDC engineer to perform to your systems hardware and operating system. This activity behaves like a proxy hand and eyes although you are not physically on-site. There are two categories of finger assistance based on the complexity of the activity, Basic Finger Assistance and Advanced Finger Assistance. Based on your current system requirement, you can choose which category you need and the quantity.

System Administration

A set of scheduled and ad-hoc system administration specific tasks that you can ask our iDC engineers to perform to your system.

Tape Backup and Management

Pre-defined or customized managed activities related to tape backup process and tape management, including storage. Our iDC engineers will execute and monitor the backup process according to the schedule.

Security Service

With Security Services you can leverage the experience of our security specialist in order to protect the value your networked assets. With around-the-clock monitoring provided by our on-site engineers, any security problem can be detected at the earliest stage. Our security specialist will cost-effectively replace your resource to minimize your organization investments in technology while effectively solving security problems. Among the services offered is the ongoing management of virus protection, intrusion detection, and firewall systems

Managed Firewall

With Managed Firewall, you can connect your private, internal TCP/IP network to the Internet, and remain confident that your private network is less susceptible to unauthorized access. Managed Firewall service will protect the security of your system. This service includes firewall design, management, monitoring, maintenance and escalation.

Intrusion Detection Service

This Intrusion Detection Service will protect your system from attacks that originate from any point outside or inside your computing environment. This service includes processes to identify which part of your network segment is a likely target of unauthorized intruders, verify that incident detection and notification capability is in place, monitoring, counter measure and escalation.

Virus Protection Service

Virus Protection Service will use industry standard anti virus software and methodology to protect your asset, including applications, software programs, data and other files. This service will ensure that the virus definition is always the same with the most recent release by the vendor. In times of virus attack that can not be blocked, isolation, cleaning attempt will be provided, followed by escalation