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Data Centre

Benefits of iDC

The advantages of using iDC services instead of building and operating your own data centre can be categorized generally into network benefits, service benefits and cost-saving benefits. This is a list of benefits that you can get from iDC:

  • State of the art infrastructure at your finger tip. iDC provides high class data centre facility and state of the art network infrastructure.
  • You can maximize the usage of your own networking assets to improve company's internal network operations.
  • Immediate increase in the network reliability and scalability. Should your business grows and requires more network resources, iDC can easily meet your new requirement.
  • iDC Managed Services provides you with readily available competent IT staffs for operating, monitoring and maintaining your system.
  • iDC Managed Services gives you continuous operation, continuous support, security, flexibility.
  • You can focus on your own core business, improving your core services for greater profitability, moving away from daily managing IT infrastructure and problem solving.
  • You can reduce your information technology cost and risks. Your IT manpower requirement should be reduced together with the difficulty in retaining staff with IT skills.