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Enterprise Applications

CIOs face constant pressure to quickly react to business change, reduce IT costs and increase the value from their existing applications. They look to Fujitsu to help them consolidate and transform their application portfolios through integrating existing business applications and implementing custom solutions.

Fujitsu emphasises on understanding the specific industry needs which allows them to be key developers of solutions in several industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Financial Services Institutions (FSI), Government and Telecommunications with a special focus on JOC (Japanese Orientated Companies).

  • More than 35 years of collaborations with partners such as Siemens and SAP and is an integral technology, services, software and hosting partner of SAP
  • Work with more than 200 customers around the world in the financial services, retail, healthcare and manufacturing sectors
  • Strong knowledge of local markets through its long heritage, presence and references accumulated over the past 15 years

Customer Relationship Management Support

To recruit new customers and to retain existing customers have always been the ultimate goal of the marketing function. The fundamental to this goal has never changed - to increase customer satisfaction in the provision of goods and services that inevitably will lead to stronger customer loyalty. Customer Focused Marketing (CFM) is the door into the next millennium for retailers

Enterprise Resource Planning Strategy

Companies today face a huge spectrum of information that they have to keep track of. There are miles of data, transactions, processes and functionalities to monitor, follow-up on or archive.

Glovia Microsoft_related_activities_incl__Dynamic_IT_lpr, Fujitsu's ERP solution, is designed to support a range of manufacturing styles, from high volume manufacturing to engineer-to-order right out of the box. We can implement systems that are immediately deployable, and yet flexible and scalable to your company's future needs.

SAP Services Sap Services

Fujitsu Asia partners with Siemens Business Services to provide services of SAP® R/3® Enterprise to its customers in the Asia Pacific region. The specialized services complement Fujitsu Asia's exisiting array of solutions comprising Fujitsu and non-Fujitsu hardware, software and professional services.