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Network & Systems Management

Whether you are managing a large-scale IT environment or transforming from a "bricks and mortar" to a "clicks and mortar" business, Fujitsu can offer you significant expertise in technology infrastructure and systems management. Fujitsu is uniquely qualified to provide systems management, availability, and optimization services for S/390, UNIX, and NT platforms. We offer architectural, design, and build services, delivering robust, flexible infrastructures for mission-critical, or data-center-based systems. Additionally, Fujitsu can work with your team to develop a consistent, robust storage capability and integration of e-business solutions into existing applications/data, across legacy systems.


Every company has a unique culture, its way of doing things; it's goals and strategies. Therefore, when the management sets certain ways of operating its IT infrastructure - it is because it wants to draw the most benefits from its investments. Through this melding of IT operations and business management requirements, companies have a need to monitor their networks and make sense of the way it is being utilized - so that IT can help the company meet its business objectives seamlessly and effectively.

To help companies strategically monitor their networks, Fujitsu has developed an advanced, highly integrated, complete system management software solution. Called Systemwalker, it is built on the concept of policy-based systems management (PSM), where companies can establish system management policies based on its business strategies and goals.

Systemwalker is the only network management tool to offer a business-oriented operation management capability. Its easy-to-follow graphical display allows the management to see a complete view of what's going on in the enterprise network and how that is impacting the business. With this comprehensive and easy-to-follow information, you can keep your IT system in close alignment with your business strategies and goals, giving you the crucial competitive edge.

Benefits of Systemwalker

How Systemwalker Works