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Active Optical Cables

Active Optical Cable (AOC) is an optical module link for short-reach data communication and inter connects application. It is comprised of MSA compliance modules at each end, which have O/E conversion transceivers inside, MPO connectors that is permanently attached to the module shell, and a multi-mode fiber cable fixed also to the MPO connectors.

AOC accepts the same electrical inputs as a conventional direct attach copper cable (DAC) but uses optical fiber. This cabling technology provides lower weight, smaller bend radius for better handling, and EMI immunity, longer reach and higher band width comparing with the copper cable.

Fujitsu Active Optical Cable is a high performance 4-channels bi-directional optical link with QSFP28 MSA module for 100Gbps bandwidth. Each channel can operate 25.78125Gbps up to 100m over multi-mode fiber (OM2/OM3 grade).

It conforms to transmission speed of 100Giga bit Ethernet (100GBASE-SR4) and InfiniBand EDR. Fujitsu FPD-200R series is the world’s first certified EDR AOC by InfiniBand plug fest in Apr.2015.

FTP-204/25 series   FPD-204/205 Series
Status: Discontinued
icon-pdf Datasheet [288KB]


  • 100Gbps (25Gbps x 4 channels) bi-directional optical link with QSFP28 MSA compliance modules
  • Conforms to transmission speed of InfiniBand EDR and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GBASE-SR4)
  • 100m transmission distance over multi-mode fiber
  • Next-generation high-speed optical engine structure
  • Over drive technology enables to drive 25Gbps signals with 14Gbps VCSELs for high reliability and low cost
  • Low power consumption, 2.5W per end
  • RoHS compliant
4x-optical-module_small.jpg   FPD-101 Series
Status: Discontinued
icon-pdf Datasheet [130KB]


  • Converts 4x microGiGaCN™ to 4x optical interface
  • Optical interface 12-channel MPO connector
  • Up to 100m links with standard 50/125um MMF ribbon cable at 3.125Gbps, and up to 300m at 2.5 Gbps
  • Reliable, low cost 850nm VCSEL technology
  • 0 to + 50 degree C operating temperature range
  • Low power: 0.9 Watts Typical with 3.3V power supply supplied through connector
  • Hot Pluggable electrical interface
  • IEC Class 1M laser eye safety compliant
  • RoHS compliant