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We are delighted to announce Fujitsu ActivateNow, Fujitsu’s flagship thought-leadership digital event for 2020. With global insights delivered in an engaging, interactive digital format, Fujitsu ActivateNow will help you re-imagine how digital innovation can drive a brighter future, for a world that has changed beyond recognition.

Can you reimagine the future? A future with trust, hope and confidence? Where do we start? Join Fujitsu's CEO and Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Takahito Tokita and his guests in exploring the answers to these questions.

Alex Osterwalder, entrepreneur and inventor of the world-renowned Business Model Canvas, will tell us about how we can explore and exploit new technologies and opportunities.

Professor Lynda Gratton, author of the best-selling ‘The 100-Year Life’ will share her insights on the revolution taking place in life and work life. And leaders from Fujitsu’s largest customers will be on hand to share how they are reimagining their businesses.

Hear how together we can activate the power of technology. How by finding purpose, enabling innovation, and accelerating digital transformation we can create resilient, relevant and innovative businesses. How together we can drive a trusted future.

Takahito Tokita
Takahito Tokita
CEO and Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Fujitsu
Lynda Gratton
Lynda Gratton
Professor, London Business School
Alex Osterwalder
Alex Osterwalder
Swiss business theorist

Asia Region Program

Covid-19 pandemic has impacted global business and economy and Asia is no exception and this has brought to us a New Normal.
Join us to discover, how we should cope with the New Normal and turning this into an opportunity, how digital technology can help reimagine the future and how the breakthrough technology potentially contribute to solve social issues.

Region Head Message

KunisawaReimagine in Asia

Speaker: Arimichi Kunisawa, SVP, Corporate Executive Officer,  Head of Asia Region, Fujitsu Limited


Expert Session

Takashige-AlfeeStrategy in the New Normal
Experience, Resilience, Trust

Speaker: Yoshikuni Takashige, Chief Strategist, Fujitsu Limited
Alfee Lee, Regional CTO, Fujitsu Asia

We are still not out of the crisis brought by Covid19. But it is essential for everyone to reimagine innovative ways to grow in the new normal. This is a world where digital is a default mode of living and working. Asia has a big potential to lead in the new era. What is the strategy that organizations should take to overcome challenges and exploit opportunities? Especially, how can organizations realize much better experience for their employees? How can they strengthen resilience in an extremely uncertain environment? Ultimately, it is a journey toward a more trusted and sustainable business. Fujitsu’s Chief Strategist and Asia Region CTO will discuss these points, and explain what Fujitsu as a trusted partner will do for customers in Asia.

Special Session 1

Ajima-sanFujitsu’s technology breakthrough that supports innovation in society

Speaker: Yuichiro Ajima, Principal Architect, System Development Division,
Platform Development Unit, Fujitsu Limited
Nagako Kobayashi, Senior Fellow, General Manager,
Consulting Service Bureau, Intelligence Group, Nikkei Business Publications

High Performance Computing technology solves social issues in Asia – Interview with Fujitsu’s engineer developed World’s No.1 Supercomputer “Fugaku”. Yuichiro Ajima, a Fujitsu engineer, talks about the story behind the development of Fugaku and introducing the culture that enabled this development. Also talks about the greatness of Fujitsu’s technology and its potential for the future.

Special Session 2


Speaker: Malcolm Moore, Technology News Editor, Financial Times
Yuko Tanaka, General Manager, Global Business Bureau/
Consulting Service Bureau, Intelligence Group, Nikkei Business Publications

Digital transformation holds one key to some of the biggest challenges facing the world today, not just the coronavirus pandemic but also the climate crisis, pollution, urbanization and managing our ageing societies. Companies need to embrace digital business models or risk being left behind. Asia is leading the way. But the process is hard to manage and workers are often fearful for their jobs and skeptical of the benefits. Companies must put them first as they transform, but they must also move quickly, no matter the difficulties ahead. They must boldly turn to face the future.

Join Us

ActivateNow delivers an exciting, comprehensive program of Keynotes, Breakout Sessions and Expert Talks, helping you to reimagine a new future inspired by digital innovation. The sessions will focus on how you can transform your everyday operations, employee experience and customer experience.

Our speakers will share their personal insights and expertise, helping you:

  • Create a resilient, adaptive workforce
  • Improve agility by transforming IT infrastructures with Hybrid IT and multi-cloud
  • Generate new business opportunities by optimizing your use of data
  • Develop a co-creation culture across your business lines, functions and wider ecosystem
  • Implement a digital culture across your organization
  • Transform processes for specific industry sectors, including retail, financial services, manufacturing and mobility

Practical, high value sessions to help you address your most immediate challenges and opportunities.

Join us to discover how digital innovation can help you reimagine a better future for business and society.

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