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Fujitsu Expands Data Center Presence in Singapore

Enhancing cloud business for markets in Asia

Tokyo and Singapore, March 19, 2015

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Asia Pte. Ltd. today announced the establishment of a new data center in the western part of Singapore, in response to the increasing need for cloud services in Asia. Services will be available from today.

Fujitsu’s data center will be housed in the high quality, highly reliable facilities of Equinix, Inc., which builds state-of-the-art data centers in countries around the world. The new data center services, including Fujitsu’s cloud services, will be provided with a variety of value added ICT features. Fujitsu is working to meet the diverse needs of its various customers in Asia by offering new (currently under-development) service features and providing connectivity functions to the cloud environments of other companies. This is in addition to offering cloud services already available.

The establishment of this data center gives Fujitsu and Fujitsu Asia three data centers in Singapore from which a full range of services are provided. With a global deployment of its service integration platform for the cloud era, the Fujitsu Group hopes to contribute to its customers’ business innovation.

In recent years, companies increasingly are embracing cloud services as a platform to support the accelerating pace of business in Asia. In particular, because of its low level of natural disaster related risk and its position as an international network hub with reliable broadband network lines, Singapore is often chosen as the location for integrated systems operations by many companies that are pursuing multinational business expansion.

The Fujitsu Group already operates more than 100 data centers in Japan and around the world. In Singapore it opened its first data center in 2002, followed by another in 2009. Many customers use these data centers, which offer Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Private Hosted, private cloud services customized to each company’s needs, and Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5, the global standard IT platform, which is operated from six locations around the world.

As the Asian market demands ever more diverse and sophisticated cloud services, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Asia opened this newest data center on the secure data center platform from Equinix. The new data center will offer not only the current lineup of cloud and other data center services, but also new cloud service functionality which is now under development. Furthermore, by enabling inter-database connectivity to the cloud services of other major companies, Fujitsu will answer the needs of its diverse clientele.

The new purpose-built Equinix facilities housing the new Fujitsu data center is located in a flood and earthquake free zone. Given its high standards for energy efficiency, it has received accreditation by the BCA Green Mark Scheme(*1).

Data Center Equinix Singapore
Photo caption: The state-of-the-art Equinix datacenter building which houses the new Fujitsu datacenter

The Fujitsu Group will continue to use data centers equipped with cutting-edge technology as the foundation for providing a global service integration platform, and for offering customers with increasingly complex platforms a path to user-oriented integration and optimization.

Features of Services Provided by the New Datacenter
From this data center, Fujitsu will provide its globally tested lineup of leading services. These include SaaS, PaaS and other high value added cloud services, and hybrid services for integrated operation of Fujitsu’s cloud environment and the customer’s environment on the data center premises. Furthermore, interconnectivity between data centers enables disaster response service availability. In the future, Fujitsu plans to offer new services for the integrated management of organically linked clouds.

By being located adjacent to Fujitsu’s Singapore office, a robust support and operations organization is secured, covering everything up to high-level applications provided by system engineers. This enhances Fujitsu’s vertically integrated ICT solutions in Singapore.

In addition to shared operations staff and an operating environment that offers the flexibility to work in tandem with the existing data centers in Singapore, use of cutting-edge data center platform technologies ensures energy efficiency and space efficiency to keep the cost of service down for customers.

With scalable service offerings, customers in their initial phase can start small, while those in a growth or expansion phase have the benefit of a centralized system platform that can cover all of Asia and make investment efficiency possible.

Future Plans
Fujitsu expects that cloud services in Asia will only grow in importance, and plans to expand its cloud service platform beyond its current data centers in Singapore and Thailand to the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Sales Target
100 customer companies over the next three years for data center services, including cloud services.

Glossary and Notes
1. BCA Green Mark Scheme
An initiative whereby Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA), under the Ministry of National Development, assesses the environmental friendliness of building construction and design

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Date: 19 March, 2015
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