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Fujitsu Security Solution CLEARSURE for Added Peace of Mind

Preventing information leaks from lost or stolen Notebook PCs through remote data deletion

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Hong Kong, October 30, 2014  Fujitsu today announced the launch of its security solution CLEARSURE in Hong Kong and Singapore, which enables the data on a notebook PC's hard disk drive (HDD) to be remotely deleted or to lock the PC even when the power is off. This provides robust protection against information leaks in the event that a notebook PC is lost or stolen.

Through a Fujitsu proprietary technology built into the supported PC, CLEARSURE allows data stored on the PC's HDD to be deleted remotely(1) over a public mobile phone network. If the PC is within the SMS communication coverage of the network, data can be deleted even when the PC has been switched off(2). This advanced security solution allows data protection commands to be executed regardless of the PC's operational state.

Two security functions combine to provide robust security against data leaks

CLEARSURE supported PCs are equipped with a PC Lock function. It prevents the PC from being used by stopping the PC from booting up. For further protection, the CLEARSURE Data-deletion function will instantly delete the data on the HDD, making it unreadable and unrecoverable

Commands executed even when PC is turned off, a world-first technology(3)

The Fujitsu proprietary design allows the CLEARSURE-module to remain in standby mode even when the PC is powered off. It allows locking and deleting commands to be executed regardless of whether the PC is on or off. This is the first technology of this kind in the world. Customers need to register the PC with CLEARSURE control server so that the data erase or PC lock command can be executed. Command results in details can be checked on the control server once the service is activated.

The loss or theft of PCs is one of the most common ways that the security of corporate data is compromised. Security for notebook PCs, because of their portability, is a matter of especially keen interest to companies. Fujitsu has developed CLEARSURE as a solution to make mobile environments safer and to increase work efficiency with the extra peace of mind when using notebook PCs outside the office.

CLEARSURE security service will be available from October and is priced at US$100 per year for the service subscription(4). It is currently able to support LIFEBOOK models S904, Q704, T904 and E734 that are equipped with FDE storage and LTE module(5).

CLEARSURE Actual Usage

CLEARSURE Actual Usage

  • [1] Deleted remotely

    The encryption key needed to decrypt the contents on the HDD is deleted, making it extremely difficult to recover or analyze the data.

  • [2] Command executed even while the PC is turned off

    The data-deletion function will not work in remote or other locations that SMS signals cannot reach.

  • [3] World-first technology

    The first technology in the world to enable deletion of HDD data even when the PC is turned off (based on research by Fujitsu).

  • [4] Customers

    Customers must register their PCs with the control server in order to use the CLEARSURE service.

  • [5] Mobile SIM

    Mobile SIM card subscription is needed to support CLEARSURE security solution

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Date: 30 October, 2014
City: Hong Kong
Company: Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Ltd.