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Fujitsu Announces Availability of Fujitsu Disaster Recovery as a Service in Singapore

Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd.

Singapore, December 05, 2013

Fujitsu today announced the availability of the Fujitsu Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in Singapore. A cloud-based business resilience service also known as cloud disaster recovery or cloud DR, the Fujitsu DRaaS offers transparent data protection and speedy recovery with near zero data loss. This allows end-users to minimize their restoration process using replication technologies in a cost and performance efficient recovery environment. Based on a pay-as-you-use model, the Fujitsu DRaaS allows businesses to reap the benefits of speedy data recovery without the high initial capital investment and on-going expenses.

“Businesses today operate in an ‘always-on’ world that is intolerant of business or service disruptions. In this social and mobile age, customers expect service to be accessible anywhere, anytime, even more so for businesses with an online presence. To keep connected round-the-clock, businesses need to have the necessary back up plans in place to ensure business continuity,” said Wong Heng Chew, President, Fujitsu Singapore.

Traditional recovery and restoration methods have been known to involve lengthy processes. On the other hand, many businesses incorrectly perceive that disaster recovery plans are catered for less frequent disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. In reality, businesses are frequently faced with common threats including cyber-attacks, human error and operational interruptions such as server hardware failure and security breaches. While some businesses may understand the importance of a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, business cost often remains a concern, as with all other technology solutions, and impedes organizational adoption.

“During our conversations with customers, there has constantly been a concern about the impact of an extended restoration cycle on overall operations. There is also a lack of awareness on the required plans and processes for disaster recovery and business continuity. Many of them believe that the adoption of a Disaster Recovery plan would result in a significantly higher cost of investment, which will eventually impact business revenues. Fujitsu aims to change this misconception with the Fujitsu DRaaS,” added Heng Chew.

Fujitsu DRaaS allows customers to recover the data in their traditional IT environment from the cloud which is faster, simpler and more affordable than the usual high level DR plan. Operating on a shared infrastructure, Fujitsu DRaaS is a cost-effective solution that allows organizations to achieve a shorter Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) similar to that of a dedicated infrastructure but with 80 percent more cost-savings. Fujitsu DRaaS features standard hardware configurations for the recovery of a customer’s environment, including both physical and virtual servers. Customer servers are mapped to standard virtual server configurations with storage allocated from a leveraged, SAN-based disk pool. A replication appliance (Process Server) is placed within the customer data center and is used to facilitate data replication to the Fujitsu Cloud Platform.

The service allows resumption of a customer’s normal business processes to a cloud based DR. Recovery is typically completed within 1 to 4 hours(1) following a major business interruption; the service’s data replication feature is used to recover customer data while typically achieving a RPO of no more than 15 minutes(1)of data loss. Additionally, the DRaaS provides for testing of the customer’s recovery environment within a shorter notice, thus reducing the significantly longer notification periods normally experienced with traditional DR services. DRaaS provides an economic solution for enterprises to achieve RTO and RPO similar to that of a dedicated infrastructure, but at a fraction of the cost.

As part of the launch, Fujitsu is offering DRaas on a free 1-week trial for organizations that are looking to optimize their system with DR or simply to understand the benefits of having a DR system. Interested organizations can contact Fujitsu to check their eligibility at

  • [1] Fujitsu Announces Availability of Fujitsu Disaster Recovery as a Service in Singapore

    RTO and RPO results achieved when using Tier 1 Model.

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Date: 05 December, 2013
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Singapore